Today is going to be a very quick hitting post and the introduction of what we’re calling The Hardcore Files.  Most of our posts are aimed at the majority of members, helpful tips and motivation that we can all use and apply to our workouts.   These posts will be sporadic and aimed at the crowd that wants to go a bit above and beyond the norm.

We’ve recently been dabbling in a new accessory lift to help with drive on the jerk since that part of the movement is critical to generate the overhead power required to lock out a heavy jerk.

The idea is simple.  Create overload.

By overloading this aspect of the movement it recruits more motor units and over time, makes driving weight that would otherwise seem heavy feel lighter.

A good weight range to shoot for is about 110 – 120% of your 1R Max, keep the reps no more than two or three as to be at full power.   It might not seem like Dave is doing much in this video, but the overload requires a lot of force and drive to move the bar and the stress on your core is tremendous.   If performing it properly your entire upper body will be begging to re-rack the weight after three reps.

You may see these off the rack at nearly two times 1R, as well.   We don’t prefer it this way, as doing so essentially works locking out a front squat, not speed and power for a jerk.   We prefer to front rack the weight and maintain it for three reps.

Until your jerk gets to about 125% of body weight you should continue to develop it with rep schemes and not worry so much about accessorizing.  Don’t put the cart before the horse, so to speak.

This is a great movement to incorporate for Saturday Open Gym if developing a stronger jerk is a goal of yours.  We’ll be mixing it in our jerk cycle in Power Classes, as well.

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