Thanksgiving Thank You

While we take this Thanksgiving holiday to enjoy it as a company, I want to spend a minute offering up a sincere thank you. Said as simply as I can, what a year to own a small business. It would never be lost on me that others in this are struggling far more than we are, and that all things considered, we’ve been damn fortunate to be where we are. But this post is specifically about distilling this pandemic to down to our business challenges, your role in that, and the acknowledgement of just how much you guys have not only kept us in business throughout various government mandates, but kept our fortitude in check.

Different operations on a monthly basis, workout formats ever shifting based on what’s available to us, indoors one month, outdoor the next. To see this place rally has been a sight to see. You guys have rolled with this in a supportive and flexible way that has so far exceeded any hope I could have had, I can’t even begin to tell you.

The stress of having a community of people rightfully depend on us for their sanity, entrust us with their health and safety has almost been so overwhelming it’s lead me to break Almost. And then I’ll see something in this community each week that continues to inspire our push forward. Candidly, I do not know why you continue to show up. You have all unique reasons that range from incredibly loyal long time member to brand new person who just doesn’t want to have to look for something else. I like to think that we have a special brand of loyal here that doesn’t exist elsewhere. I’ve seen it and felt it over my near decade, here, but no one really ever knows that for sure until it’s put to the furthest ends of testing.

While this pandemic continues to land jab after jab with the occasional uppercut blow, we’re still standing and I know that we will make it through this because of the amazing community that you guys comprise. I would never be so stupid as to think you’re just always going to show up, and to take your current trust as a guarantee of future trust. We’ll never ever stop trying to earn all aspects of your presence, and we’ll never take it for granted.

So, thank you. My team and I are grateful beyond words.

Team Mac and Cheese.