Good morning, guys.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I know a lot of you are traveling this week back home to see family and friends, so we hope to see those folks before they head back.  For those of you who are remaining in town we do have training options for you each day this week with the exception of Friday (which we’ll replace with a light post-Turkey Day hike).

Before we get into the details, let’s first recognize a great man and his mustache.

What is that, you ask?

That’s P360’s very own John Blackburn on the jumbotron of the Anaheim hockey game.  He took 2nd place for best mustache in the building.  High five both him and his ‘stache when you see him this week because I could not be more proud of him.

Thanksgiving Schedule

As a reminder, we have the following schedule this week,

  • Monday & Tuesday – regularly scheduled classes
  • Wednesday – 6:30 am DC, 7:15 am DC, 7:30 am OC, 12 pm DC
  • Thanksgiving – 9 am Thanksgiving Day Workout then closed
  • Friday – closed gym, group hike
  • Saturday – normal hours


For those of you interested in burning through the massive Thanksgiving Day food and alcohol coma we’ll be meeting at Torrey Pines parking lot at 11 am and going on a nice stroll up the cliffs. Nothing crazy, but enough exercise to get over that food/booze hangover on what looks to be a really nice day.

$100 Referral Standings

The standings are starting to heat up a little bit in the $100 U-Call-It Referral Contest we are running through the end of December.

  1. Chris Cisek – 13 points
  2. Matt Gordon – 12 points
  3. Rick Dengler – 5 points
  4. Laura Stomber – 1 point
  5. Rachelle Rulenz – 1 point
  6. Tyler Chernack – 1 point
  7. Meghan Hanebutt – 1 point


Remember, you get 1 point if your friend tries the gym and another 5 points if they join so for those of you who are sitting on one point, get those friends to join and you’ll climb up the standings.

The winner gets $100 towards whatever they want.  Gift card, membership dues, cash, etc.  Your call.

Member Shout Outs

We had an INCREDIBLE week in the gym last week with 11 different PRs for people, and the following gym records:

  • Male Push Press – Jason Weber, 245#
  • Female Push Press – Elyse Paulson, 125#


“Beat the Soft” Holiday Challenge

Day 1 of the BTS Holiday Challenge starts today and we are really, really excited at the field of 34 people we have competing for that $300 cash!  We expect this group to get very good results for themselves over the next six weeks are excited to track it.

For those of you participating we still need a few figures from people so make sure you read the email that went out last Friday containing all of the details.

As a reminder, we have the following guidelines depending on which categories you are competing.

Weigh in every Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. Jason Weber
  2. Brandon Flora
  3. Robbie Davis
  4. Matt Gordon
  5. Trevor Goyette
  6. Jon Mesic
  7. Tim Kuzmuk


  1. Jandy Marie
  2. Laura Stomber
  3. Andrea O’Donnell
  4. Meg Hanebutt
  5. Marissa Dubolino
  6. Heather Dentz
  7. Alex Vekich
  8. Jen Gordon
  9. Sandra Scholl
  10. Krisan Davidson
  11. Mollyrose Corr
  12. Linsey Sala
  13. Jess Sagar
  14. Jess Eystad
  15. Chrissy Perrenoud
  16. Jewel Johnson


Your 3-rep deadlift, press and hang clean will be measured approximately every two weeks.  You are ultimately responsible for this, although we will guide and remind you as best we can.


  1. John Blackburn
  2. Jason Weber
  3. Robbie Davis
  4. Matt Gordon
  5. Dan Punaro
  6. Brandon Flora
  7. Jon Mesic
  8. Alan Levanda
  9. Chris Sieberkrob
  10. Chris Hill
  11. Trevor Goyette


  1. Jandy Marie
  2. Ashley Blanton
  3. Laura Stomber
  4. Andrea O’Donnell
  5. Elyse Paulson
  6. Chrissy Perrenoud
  7. Meg Hanebutt
  8. Danielle M.
  9. Heather Dentz
  10. Alex Vekich
  11. Linsey Sala
  12. Jewel Johnson
  13. Jess Sagar


Updated Yoga Class

As of now, the majority of feedback is that people would like Yoga for Athletes to be at 6/6:15 Thursday night rather than in the morning.  We also heard come clamoring for Saturday but it would have to be overwhelming for that to happen.

If you are interested in yoga then make sure your voice is heard on the timing.

That’s it…have a great week and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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