Thank You, Julianne

The following is an open letter from Coach Julianne to membership following her resignation as Head Coach. 

It’s been 6 years, 3 months, and 23 days and counting since I took my first class at Performance360 in Mission Beach. Seems kind of crazy when I put it like that, but when I think about the actual person I was that day compared to the person I think I might be now, it seems definitely crazy.

There is, of course, a laundry list of physical changes and accomplishments. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about them but I’m going to be honest, first and foremost P360 is a gym, and it’s been my gym for over 6 years and I am extremely proud of what I’ve done here and some of my favorites include:

  • 40+# Fat loss (EAT FOOD LIFT WEIGHTS!)
  • 370# Deadlift
  • 200#Clean
  • 100# TGU
  • 155# Snatch
  • 45” Box Jump

I know that in the broad scheme of life gym numbers “don’t matter” but fuck man, you learn some shit about yourself when you spend 3 months being defeated by a stupid dumbbell. (It’s stupid because it scientifically has zero intelligence.)

I have taken now somewhere over 1,100 classes and taught somewhere between 4-5k throughout our locations, which means I have have sweat and bitched and moaned alongside so many of you through these years, and even more of you have had to endure my awful comedic attempts at a walk through. “Hey San Diego how we doin today? No?”

Some of you I have legit seen from Day 1 to Day 2300+.

So basically, in the words of Michael Scott, “This is gonna hurt like a motherfucker.”

I’ve put my whole heart into P360 because I believe wholeheartedly in it and it’s principles. I found major results and personally went from “unhealthy” through many layers and extremes to find my version of “healthy”. I learned how to connect better with humans as a member, and how to speak in a language that I hope conveyed my honest “empathy with expectation” as a coach. I’ve taken great pride in our gym, it’s growth, and each individual member’s successes. As far as a person can love their job, I have loved mine, even with the thousands of “Is that per side?” questions.

Much like any relationship, no one can truly know the ins and outs of anything except the people in it. Strong personalities lead to strong bonds, and strong conversations fueled by passion and commitment. There have been lots of changes in the staff and membership over these years, changes in my role, changes in locations, and a ton of learning about each other through it all. I have found life teammates here. Bosses, coworkers, peers, training partners, mentors, family, significant relationships that have shaped me into a more open, confident, and grounded person. I’ve had the joy of witnessing tons of P360 proposals, weddings, babies, promotions, heartbreak, moves across the country, job changes, school…you name it. We’ve let each other into each other’s lives through small and big connections with these moments in the gym, and in a transient place like SD, that is more important than most people realize in this town, and I have been extremely lucky to be a piece of it for so long.

There have been challenging interactions with members as I’m sure members have found me equally challenging sometimes, and all I can say is that I’m grateful for it. I’ve learned about myself, how my face looks when I don’t mean for it to, what I can control and what I can’t. You all have made me better, even if you didn’t like me or I wasn’t your favorite. You all have made me more aware. You all have made me more efficient and prepared at my job. You all have made me #BecomeMore when you weren’t looking. I’m still trying to figure out the face thing, my apologies. It might just be my face.

I could never, no matter how much time given, express to anyone truly what the people and safety of P360 as a home has meant to me for the better part of the last decade. I’ve tried, but it’s simply impossible. The incredible part is, I don’t have to for most of the members and coaches because the feeling is understood. You all have been telling me over the last couple of weeks how much I’ve changed your lives. How much I’ve motivated and inspired you. What I mean to you in the gym, and how I help you in whatever ways. This has been my job for a long time, and I am filled with gratitude to have been given the chances to impact any one of you, let alone so many of you. I don’t feel complete without those opportunities.

It is not an easy decision for anyone for me to step out of the role of “Head Coach”. You’re all adults, and you understand how the world works. Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you feel like there is more for you, but unsure how to find it, or move towards it. Six years is a long time to develop in a role and continue to find growth opportunities. I am looking towards the future, how I can continue to serve my community and contribute, while carving out my own ideas and opportunities for the life I want to live.

I’m stepping out of the gym as a member as well for a short while, simply for my own process. Honestly, I am sad and shifting my perspective from that sadness of letting go will take a little bit of time. Makes sense right? I knew you’d understand.

I promise I will come back. You will see me alongside you bitching and moaning through a workout in due time.

With no other idea of how to end this other than a few parting things I’ve learned through my years as both a member and a coach, here goes my top ten.

10: Glass comes in on people’s shoes. We’re not throwing shattered glass on the floor before your classes on purpose guys.

9: Coach Kyle’s calves are real, Lenny’s biceps are real (EW), Dan wears green for a reason, Brenna/Jenn/Ryan and I are all DIFFERENT PEOPLE, please only call Ducote DuCOACHe, JR prefers “Johnny Rockets”, Chris is NOT a doctor, and Mark needs to be punched in the gut at least once a class.

8: There is always an option. Just ask.

7: Bay Park is the coldest location HANDS DOWN so wear your Carhartt and don’t let Mark open the damn door in the am.

6: Don’t cheat. Or run on the sidewalk in CP. Or through the archway. We count your reps and I see everything. Even now. (Cue monocle emoji)

5: If you’re going to be late, at least wait until the warm up run and jump into it and act like you’ve been there the whole time.

4: If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

3: Ladies. I need you to find violence in your elbows on your cleans please.

2: Dudes, I used that DB/KB earlier.

1: Programming is free on the internet. Coaching is what you pay for.


…Go ahead and hit your warm up run.

<3 Coach Jules.