We just want to take a few minutes and address our members on the day we officially turn one year old.

Thank you…

A lot of cheesy speeches and shit always begin with some version of “couldn’t have done this without___” when in reality, that person could have definitely done it without their third makeup assistant coffee fetcher.

We’re also not vain enough to think a business making it to a year is some milestone worthy of extreme self appreciation, but we need to give credit where credit is due.

The reality is definite in our case, though.  We simply could not have made it through the crucial first year of business without you guys and cannot express how appreciative and grateful we are that you have chosen our small project as your gym.  We are the outcast in the ever changing, fast moving fitness industry and you are bringing credibility and proof to what we are doing tucked back on the water isn’t just a bunch of crazy people carrying sandbags, lifting weights, sprinting…and enjoying it.

We never could have guessed that this video below would turn into a community of 150 strong and growing in the first year.

(You can see what this place looked like before we moved in!)


We do not yet know what year two has in store for us but we know that Performance360 will always remain a strong community to which ownership is dedicated to putting members first, profit second.

So thank you for a great year.  It has been a blast getting to know you all individually and bearing witness to some truly outstanding transformations.

Let’s make year two all the better.

Grateful Owners,

Dave & Pritz

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