Movin’ The Charts – Tammi Caprio: “It’s Awesome To Have a Nutrition Program So Easy To Follow”

We’re thrilled to share yet another instant success story for the power of basic habits (not diets), as Nutrition client Tammi Caprio is down 2% body fat in just four short weeks of her focus program.

“It’s awesome to have a nutrition program that’s easy to follow with attainable goals and supportive coaching and community. I’m starting to really notice a difference and am really enjoy preparing more meals at home instead of indulging in take-out.”

Once more, a non-sexy, non-flashy statement about the program and its ability to drive results for those who follow and commit to it.

We also want to highlight that nature of Tammi’s progress. As a woman who is already lean, to reduce her body fat percentage down to 14.5% while maintaining all of her lean muscle mass indicates our program’s ability to serve all levels, not just those with a lot to lose. We’re stoked to see Tammi’s hard work paying off and are excited to see her physique and performance continue to improve.

With a 6wk muscle focus kicking off in March, we hope you’ll consider the benefits of nutrition coaching and all it can bring the other aspects of your life.

-The Team

Thursday, 2.18.21


4 Rounds:
5 1 + 1/4 KB Front Squats
12 Incline DB Rows
6 Ring Dips

18′ AMRAP:
10 Barbell Rows
6 DB Thrusters
6 Burpees
100m Run