When you come in today be sure to check out the whiteboard as we’ve added a sign up for the Del Mar Mud Run October 15th!  It’s going to be a blast and we want all fitness levels out there (let’s face it, all you are capable of crushing this thing).  We have a team of seven so far and our goal is roll up there with a posse of 20 P360’ers.

Today’s workout promises to be a fun and challenging one, and it’s in a format unlike any we’ve done to date.  You’re going to be working with a partner and you’re going to be alternating reps until you complete the total amount of reps.

Let me explain.  Say I am partnered with Pritz and the station is 125 bodyweight squats.  I would start and do as many pushups as I could.  I do 30 and have to stop.  Once I have to pause my reps, it’s over and then it’s Pritz’s turn.  He then does as many he can, he gets 30 and now our total is 60.  We keep this rotation until 125 pushups are completed.  The only trick, there is a cap of 25 reps at a time.

Then we move onto the next exercise….make sense?

Here’s the menu.


125 reps for everything, split between you and your partner. Done in under 30.

It’s a quick, fun workout where you and your partner will push each other, get a lot of reps in without a lot of resistance.  First class had a lot of fun with it so enjoy!

The Surf n’ Turf Boot Camp is also a good one and in a completely different format, as well.  Lots of new workouts to choose from tonight!