We’re in Crown Point just over the Ingraham Street Bridge!

Did you know that PB’s #1 rated & reviewed gym, and one of the best ranked strength and conditioning gyms in San Diego has a location just 2 miles away from Robb Athletic Field? And 7 minutes from Hodad’s?

Try a FREE Performance360 trial class at our Crown Point Gym, and Become More.



  • Pacific Beach Location: 4515 Gresham Street 92109
    Crown Point Location: 2620 Ingraham Street 92109

You’ll have the attention of a knowledgeable, welcoming coach to help guide you through your workout.


Customized for You

Our coaching blends group classes with personal training customization and attention. At Performance360, wherever you fall on the ability spectrum, you can expect a community comprising every age, shape, and ability united towards the common goal of self-improvement.

Our variety of 8 different classes combine elements of free weights, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebells, rowing, gymnastics, yoga and bodybuilding in a structured, well-rounded format to keep you constantly advancing forward.

We take pride in being a community where everyone is in it together, no one thinking they are better than the person next to them.

Getting Started is Easy & Effective

Our innovative process of getting you going does not require the usual high cost, lengthy, restrictive onboarding process that is standard for most other gyms.

You’ll have your first gym goals clearly outlined for you with a plan on how to complete them. Our PHASE 1 GOALS for all new members are designed to provide you with initial, attainable goals and ensure you learn the basics, safely and effectively.

The result is a new athlete that is trained and ready for all of the progress that Performance360 will provide you.

No Nickel and Diming

We firmly believe that there’s no reason to overpay for a superior gym experience. $200 for a gym membership? That’s not really our thing.

When we opened in 2011, it was under the idea that there didn’t need to be another overpriced gym that under delivered. High quality training shouldn’t nickel and dime you for things that should be included. It should be accessible, not exclusive.

This is something that we’ve stood behind from zero members in an old boathouse, to 600 members strong and two Pacific Beach locations.