Written by Maddison Levine
Performance360 Member

I have been a member of P360 for nine fantastic months, and my path to this gym started when I was in search of a gym to call home in the Pacific Beach area. I was getting frustrated with the gyms I was going to because I was not achieving the desired results and was bored of the same old movements class after class.

I was a college athlete and have always been driven by a team environment, but could not seem to find a gym that pushed me to my athletic potential until I heard some good things from some friends I had at P360.

I was immediately sold after I attended my first class and experienced the power of both short term and long term goal setting, which are both really important to me in regards to my health, body, and day to day training and for me that keeps me balanced.

Everyone comes in here for different reasons, but for me, I train because its empowering to be strong, athletic, and healthy. I can honestly say that I am addicted to coming in here – it completely throws off my weekly routine if I can’t make it to a class and by the end of my work day I am counting down the minutes to clock out and make it to my 4 pm class so I can be surrounded by the amazing coaches and bad ass members who constantly push me to find the best version of myself.

Recently, I made a few changes to my diet and have already seen the improvements at the gym, and now, I fully believer that there is no stopping me! The more I practice weight lifting the more I find out how technical it is, I can honestly say I never walk out of a class where I didn’t learn something new.

The type of training experience at P360 is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, I would say that have I found it to be life changing and has positively impacted my life in so many ways.

When you are strong it’s a totally different kind of confidence.

I have a ways to go but constantly challenging my strength has been the best part of my journey.

Maddison Levine is a member of Performance360. 

Performance360 was founded in 2011. With two locations in Pacific Beach, P360 has three times been a finalist for Best Gym in San Diego.