Fitness shouldn’t be intimidating and you should never have to feel like you need to “get in shape” before you join a gym. 


Every new member starts out in our PHASE 1 Program designed to gradually introduce you to the right stimulus that will produce initial results and keep you safe.

When you’re ready to graduate, the opportunities are easy (more below).


We’re home to plenty of you, too. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how your PHASE 1 process affects you. 

STEP 1: Register For a Trial Class

All trial classes are for our PSC (Progressive Strength & Conditioning) class, responsible for helping us become the most attended functional fitness gym in San Diego.

Register for your trial class:

Pacific Beach Location: 4515 Gresham Street 92109

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Ocean Bach Location: 1931 Bacon Street 92107

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Step 2: Once You Join — PHASE 1

1. Start in any PSC class.

As a new member, you may come to any and all PSC classes.

2. Follow your PHASE 1 workouts.

Every class has a clearly displayed PHASE 1 side of the workout board. Follow, and develop with your coach as gradually or quickly as you prefer.

While PHASE 1 exists to develop you safely, it is not the Kid’s Table. You will be challenged and see results, just in a manner that makes more sense for your starting ability.

3. Graduate PHASE 1 by passing your (2) assessments.

The 5 Minute Squat & 5 Minute Row. These two assessments are offered multiple times per week during PSC classes, as well as any time during weekend Open Gym.

Most graduate PHASE 1 in approximately 30 days, but there is no required timeline.

4. Your journey continues.

Once you’ve graduated, you unlock access to the “ALL LEVEL” workouts, and the sky is the limit to your achievements. We’ll help you develop and track goals with the support of educated coaches and a supportive community.

Questions? Email

Christina: “Intimidated” to “Graduated” in 37 Days

Have Experience?

Those with an established barbell lifting background may complete your (2) assessments and graduate from PHASE 1 much sooner. We certainly won’t hold up your progress with a formality, but we also want to see how you move to ensure we’re doing our job professionally.

Member, U.S. Olympian:
Ryan Carlyle

Locals Only.

(The FREE TRIAL CLASS is for San Diego residents only. If you are an out of town guest on vacation looking to drop-in, you are welcome to purchase and register for a drop-in for $20 or a week pass for $59)