A great workout with a great coach in a friendly, supportive community.

–STEP 1, GREET: Meet your Coach before class, share your goals.

–STEP 2, PREP: Head to to the whiteboard to learn the day’s workout and movements. Can’t do something? We’ll have an option that you can.

–STEP 3, TRAIN: Work out with the class, under the watchful eye of your Coach.

–STEP 4, JOIN: High fives, sign up.

Performance360 Pacific Beach Best Gym

We treat our trials the same as members. While many gyms force an inconvenient, lengthy consultation, at Performance360, we just let you sample the product. No more, no less. You’ll get to participate in the class like everyone else and make an informed decision for yourself.

No experience? No problem. We love beginners and have built our success by creating a welcoming and approachable environment for folks just like you since 2011. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will always ensure you’re doing enough to get a challenging trial experience without overdoing what you can’t.

Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym

Our onboarding for new members strikes the perfect balance between getting you going right away, yet doing so responsibly.

You’ll start coming to any classes you want, and you’ll progress at your own pace with the help and guidance of your Coach.  There are always “PROGRESSIONS” and “ALTERNATIVE MOVEMENTS” pre-designed for every workout, just for you, to address any limitations that you have, and there is at least 25% of every class performing those movements with the help of their coach.

No special class times, no prerequisites. Just start where you’re at, doing what you can.

Here’s member Melanie who just joined, recently talking about her first 90 days:

Since opening in 2011, we’ve grown to four locations and retained members at a 96% monthly rate for one simple reason: it works.

The simple, yet challenging daily combination of strength, cardio, and physique training creates the demand your body needs to continuously drive adaptation, the structure to keep you consistent, and the variety to keep you engaged.

Here’s how we stack up against the competition.

Treadmill Gyms
While you might feel accomplished based on misleading “calories burned” and being out of breath, cardio-based gyms fail to deliver sustainable results for one simple reason: there is no progressive overload.

Running may be tough at first, but once you adapt, there is little to keep you developing. With cardio, longer is not better, it is worse. It strips the very muscle that drives your metabolism and your physique, and sooner or later you’re going to need some real weight training in order to make progress.

Boot Camp Gyms
Light weights with no emphasis on strength development will quickly run its course. The best results are achieved in a balanced, well rounded approach and the trouble with boot camp gyms is that they are a one trick pony: long duration, light weights, fast paced.

While this may provides initial results, you will quickly be met with plateau and boredom.

Sport of Fitness Gyms
We have always placed more emphasis on self improvement and togetherness over class competition, accessibility for all levels, safety for a general population environment, and a culture that nurtures development rather than intimidation. This has been our DNA since 2011 and why so many everyday women and men across our four locations call us home.



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Pacific Beach Location: 4515 Gresham Street, San Diego CA 92109

Crown Point Location: 2620 Ingraham Street, Suite B, San Diego CA 92109

Ocean Beach Location: 1931 Bacon Street, San Diego CA 92107

Bay Park Location: 1221 W. Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110

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Performance360 Pacific Beach Best Gym

**Trial classes are for local residents only. Travelers may purchase a drop in or week pass.**