**Due to extremely high demand for our COVID-19 conscious classes, we are only allowing 15 new members per month and trial classes are limited to the following times.**

There is no gym in San Diego handling its COVID-19 modifications more responsibly than Performance360. Read all about how our gym is effectively operating with your safety as top of mind: “What Safety Precautions to Expect at P360.”

Contact with questions.

A great workout with a great coach in a friendly, supportive community. Check out our modified covid-19 procedures:

–STEP 1, GREET: Enter the gym and complete a waiver. Meet your Coach before class, share your goals.

–STEP 2, PREP: Pick an open workout zone and wait for the coach to perform the “walkthrough”. Can’t do something? We’ll have an option that you can.

–STEP 3, TRAIN: Work out with the class inside of your COVID-19 conscious workout zone, with your own equipment and 10-12 feet of space between you and your neighbors.

While many gyms force an inconvenient, lengthy consultation, at Performance360, we just let you sample the same product our members get everyday. No more, no less.

No experience? No problem. We love beginners and have built our success by creating a welcoming and approachable environment for folks just like you since 2011. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will always ensure you’re doing enough to get a challenging trial experience without overdoing what you can’t.

Gym in Bay Park San Diego

Our onboarding for new members strikes the perfect balance between getting you going right away, yet doing so responsibly.

You’ll start coming to any classes you want, and you’ll progress at your own pace with the help and guidance of your Coach.  There are always “PROGRESSIONS” and “ALTERNATIVE MOVEMENTS” pre-designed for every workout, just for you, to address any limitations that you have, and there is at least 25% of every class performing those movements with the help of their coach.

No special class times, no prerequisites. Just start where you’re at, doing what you can.

Here’s member Melanie who just joined, recently talking about her first 90 days:

Please note: P360 Pacific Beach is currently on a 7-10 day new member waitlist to ensure a high quality member experience and trial classes at that location are unavailable. To place your name on the wait list, enter it here. You are welcome to try and join P360 Ocean Beach or P360 Bay Park immediately. 

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Gym in Bay Park San Diego

**Trial classes are for local residents only. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not allowing drop-in classes for non-residents.