Fitness shouldn’t be intimidating and you should never have to feel like you need to “get in shape” before you join a gym. 


75% of new members here start out as beginners, just like you.

Every new member starts out in our PHASE 1 Program designed to gradually introduce you to the right stimulus that will produce initial results and keep you safe.

When you’re ready to graduate, the opportunities are easy (more below).

Melanie: “Intimidated” to “Accomplished” in 90 Days

STEP 1: Register For a Trial Class

All trial classes are for our PSC (Progressive Strength & Conditioning) class unless otherwise noted, responsible for helping us become the most attended functional fitness gym in San Diego.

Register for your trial class:

Pacific Beach Location: 4515 Gresham Street 92109

Crown Point Location: 2620 Ingraham Street 92109

Ocean Bach Location: 1931 Bacon Street 92107

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Step 2: Once You Join — PHASE 1

Once you’re a member, starting progress is easy. You’ll start in regular classes like everyone else on our PHASE 1 side of the board, go at your own pace, and when you’re ready to graduate, you’ll complete (2) in-class assessments which the coach will walk you through when you are ready.

Then, you’re a PHASE 1 graduate ready to tackle more challenges.

Griffin: “I was really intimidated and PHASE 1 made it easy.”