Good morning, guys.  Hope everyone has an easy little Friday and is all set for one helluva 4th of July weekend!

First, we have decided to open tomorrow for a 9 am boot camp.  Enough people brought it up that we’ve decided to do it, so you can register for it here.

Thanks to Jason Weber for kindly bringing up that my blog description of yesterday’s workout made absolutely ZIPPY sense.  Went back and re-read and sure enough, I was a mess.  This is what happens when I try and communicate pre-coffee.  Hopefully I do a better job today.

So, we only have two supersets but with a bit higher rep count and we are focusing strictly on the compound exercises that work a ton of muscle groups.

Here is how it works…You perform 10 hang cleans and then jog (short distance).  You come back in and then perform 9 hang cleans and jog,  then 8 and jog all the way down to 1 and jog.  This is a great combination of strength training and cardiovascular fat loss.  Yes, you can train for both (just ask Jason who has lost 18 pounds and pulling 405 on deadlift, or Flora who has lost 10 pounds and pulling 345 on deadlift, or Carol who has lost 18 pounds and pulling 150 for herself on deadlift).

After the first superset, you follow the same format for the push press and weighted sit-up (holding a plate).


Here is today’s Surf n’ Turf that’s heavily cardio and core based.

Enjoy, and if it we don’t see you then have a great weekend, be safe and have some fun.