Good morning, guys.  Hope that everyone had a nice weekend and is ready for the week.  It was a HUGE week in the sports world for those who were paying attention to it.

Derek Jeter got his 3,000th hit and the US Women’s team had honestly one of the best comebacks I have ever seen in sports.  I was casually watching it as I did some other things in the background, and immediately became captivated on that last extended time goal.

Anyways, go America and go Hope Solo and the rest of the team especially Alex Morgan).

Also, we took out some stand-up paddle boards yesterday to test drive how they would do mixed into our classes and training, and we loved it.  It’s something that we are going to start doing for our athletes and classes by the end of the summer.  We don’t yet know a date, but we are thinking the beginning of August and having an exclusive just stand-up paddle class once every two weeks and possibly on Saturdays.  They will be for all fitness levels.  Price TBD…but, it’s coming.

Today’s workout is a circuit.  Total rounds depends on class size and if we have to add anything else to the mix, but as you currently see it it’s 4 rounds, going back and forth between 45 and 30 seconds (two each).

Today’s Surf n’ Turf Boot Camp…



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