It is good to be back!

First and foremost, the lay off on providing a consolidated source of news and happenings in the gym has been unacceptable on our end.  We missed a week, we missed two weeks and next thing you know we were treating the newsletter like Gretchen treats Tamra (sigh).

However, the positive side of things is that since we’ve had such a long layoff we’re hoping you’ll be excited to read what’s going on once again, because quite frankly there is no shortage of awesome announcements we need to make so let’s get right to it!

Win 2 Free Months!

From now until April 30th, if you refer a new member to the gym you’ll be entered to win 2 Free Months of training at Performance360!   You can bring them to a Saturday workout, or if they cannot make Saturday you can schedule their class with us by emailing or talking to us in person.


Or, you can always bring them to Bring-a-Friend Day on Wednesday, April 24th.

Bring-A-Friend to P360 Day, Wednesday April 24th

This Wednesday, April 24th we’re having our first day dedicated to new faces trying the gym.  If you are on Facebook, all of the details can be found here, but in case you are not, here is gist of it.

  • Bring a friend(s) to any class you attend.  Simply send them this link to sign up:
  • Have them arrive 10 minutes early. This is required!
  • If they like the gym, they will have an opportunity to sign-up immediately following the class.


The workout will be designed to have our regular challenging movements but in a flow and set-up that can clearly handle a few more people :)

And yes, of course you should still participate in your regular workout even if you are not bringing a friend.  Just understand that’s what the day will be dedicated towards.

P360 Turns 2 — Saturday, May 25th

This past week we turned two years old as a gym and we couldn’t be more humbled by the faces we get to talk to and train on a daily basis.  Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined the gym turning into what it is from a community aspect..  However, while the community is amazing, to be honest what we’re most proud of are the amazing accomplishments that happen on a daily basis.

Believe us when we say you guys are doing things most gyms are not, lifting, jumping and shedding fat at rates that is quite unrivaled.

We believe in our hearts that the people who make up Performance360 are the best of any gym community around, and we cannot possibly thank you enough for the support, energy and awesome attitude you have provided over the years.  Some of you have been with us from day one, others under a week and we’re grateful for every last one of you.

If there was a way to show each of you individually how much we appreciate it, we would.

So we’ll be doing the next best thing, throwing a party to celebrate our awesome members on Saturday, May 25th.  Stay tuned for event details but please mark your calendars if you’re in town!

Performance360 Olympics III — June 15th

We are officially announcing our 3rd Annual Olympics to be held on Saturday, June 15th so mark your calendars!

Come one, come all fitness levels.  This day is all about personal challenge, celebrating the the accomplishments of yourself and others and most importantly to enjoy the gym’s best day of camaraderie of the entire year.  Events and time to be announced later, and we’ll have a sign-up both online and in the gym shortly.


COMING IN JUNE: 30-Day Beach Body Challenge

Starting June 1, we’ll be running a 30-Day challenge for both members and new folks that focuses on getting beach ready.  We’ll  make announcements in a few weeks, but it will similar to the October Challenge on a smaller scale and focused solely on fat loss.

Like we said guys, A LOT going on!  We hope you can make it to some or all of what we have going throughout the course of the next week to few months and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Let us know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions!