Gang, we’ve got some exciting news.

In order to create much greater consistency and PSC frequency, we’ll be moving to the following schedule effective at the start of BLOCK 7 (September 16th).


Every night now has the same, full lineup of PSC offerings which will finally allow us to program some of the more popular movements on days other than Monday or Tuesday (more on that below). What you see here also represents the decision to invest more into MUSCLE and FIT (formerly PRIMAL) and offer those on a highly consistent basis.

You will no longer have the problem of constantly adjusting your daily schedule around the different class lineup every night, an issue that we hear about quite a bit, while also having more frequent access to our most popular specialty classes.

Here is the summary.

–MUSCLE will be increased from 3 days per week to 4, and it will now be at 5:30 pm in Pacific Beach, M-Th.

–PRIMAL will be re-branded to FIT. It will be increased from 3 days per week to 4, and it will be at 6 pm at Crown Point, M-Th. (There will be no adjustment to programming in this class, just a change in name as we’ve heard time again that the name was confusing to its goal. We agree.) 

–10/11a PSC classes will be at Crown Point, M-F. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to bounce back and forth between CP and PB, as not a week goes by where multiple people miss workouts because they go to the wrong gym. That, and Crown Point attendance beats PB attendance for this time period by a landslide.

The reason for the update is two-fold:

–1. FREQUENCY: Right now, we don’t have enough PSC class times in the evening on certain days and it creates a programming problem for us. For example, we have less evening PSC available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This means we can’t currently program “strength focused days” on those days (days with a tier one where we do back squats and deadlifts, for example). Because those movements are extremely popular attendance is always a bit higher on those days, so we’re limited to just a Monday/Wed offering for them…every single block. There’s plenty of members at the gym whose work schedule restricts the days they can train, so by only offering the major lifts on two days, and well, you can see the problem.

–2. CONSISTENCY: Every night has a completely different class lineup which means by nature, we’re not providing membership the best opportunity to develop the consistency that we preach. We know many of you share the current inconvenience of constantly having to look up the schedule to see what’s offered on which night.

This update remedies both.

Ultimately, our responsibility and philosophy is to provide the most opportunity hit a PSC class for our membership, while also providing the right balance of specialty classes to support your individual side goals.


–We did our best to keep WEIGHTLIFTING on the schedule this year, hoping that attendance would increase but just the opposite is true. It’s been on a steady decline for all of 2019. Given the feedback that because there is weightlifting programmed in the PSC, many folks have elected not to pursue it as a stand alone class. Attendance is no longer at a level where we justify a 6 pm prime time slot for it.

–We know that KB CORE is extremely popular for you folks who regularly attend it, and that this will be a major bummer for you. Being totally honest, this decision was not attendance driven. It is a byproduct of our pivot to no longer offer classes scheduled only once per week, since we feel that consistency on the schedule is of greater priority than squeezing in single class offerings. If we can offer you a silver lining, FIT will now be close to that time slot (6 pm) and we believe you will get an experience as close to the KB CORE end of the spectrum that we offer. Coach Kyle will continue to program FIT, so we hope this can be a smooth transition for the KB CORE fans out there.

We know that the majority of you will be excited by these updates, but we also know there will be those of you who may not like it. Believe it or not, we do understand and we have delayed this update for longer than we should have because we didn’t want to disrupt status quo. But, it is time, and we believe that these updates make our class offerings more concise, consistent, and accessible for our community.

For those of you excited by the improvements to consistency and availability, we are too, and we think that the majority of the P360 community will be able to develop a routine that isn’t interrupted by the previously scattered nature of the class schedule, while also having a more frequent access to the most popular specialty classes for your personal goals.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

-Dave & Pritz