Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge: “Newman”
Format: Tabata Intervals

2 Rounds
A: Plate Hops
B: Mountain Climbers
C: Bicycle Crunches
D: Split Lunge Jumps
E: OH KB Swings

First Round:
30’/10’ (x6)

Second Round:
30’/10’ (x3)

Open Gym

9a – 12p

P360 Mission Beach

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 Training Notes

What Makes HIIT/Tabata So Effective?

From Dr. Mercola,

Your body has three types of muscle fibers: slow, fast, and super-fast twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscles are the red muscles, which are activated by traditional strength training and cardio exercises. The latter two (fast and super-fast) are white muscle fibers, and these are only activated during high intensity interval exercises or sprints.

According to fitness expert Phil Campbell, author of Ready, Set, Go, getting cardiovascular benefits requires working all three types of muscle fibers and their associated energy systems — and this cannot be done with traditional cardio, which only activates your red, slow twitch muscles. If your fitness routine doesn’t work your white muscle, you aren’t really working your heart in the most beneficial way. The reason for this is because your heart has two different metabolic processes:

  • The aerobic, which requires oxygen for fuel, and
  • The anaerobic, which does not require any oxygen

Traditional strength training and cardio exercises work primarily the aerobic process, while high intensity interval exercises work both your aerobic AND your anaerobic processes, which is what you need for optimal cardiovascular benefit. This is why you may not see the results you desire even when you’re spending an hour on the treadmill several times a week. Interestingly enough, when it comes to high intensity exercises, less really is more.

When that clock beeps, push as hard as you can!