SAT: Hollow, The Anti Arch

The hollow position is so valuable because if done right, it teaches us to engage internal torque. Specifically, activation of our obliques and our obliques in order to prevent our spinal erectors (low back) from taking over the movement.

When we walk around and move in excessive arch of the low back, we not only present the low spine with constant compressive forces, we totally disengage these important abdominal muscles.

The secret to ensure you receive its benefits: drive the low back into the floor. If you can slide your hand underneath your back then you’re not performing it correctly. Drive the lumbar into the floor, elevate the feet only to the point you can maintain that position, and create tension in your abs by breathing into your obliques. Hold that tension for the prescribed time.


Saturday, 12.23.17

First, 10 Min E.M.O.M.
3/s DB Snatch + 3 Burpees

8 Supine Rows
8 DB Sumo Squats
4/s High Plank Pull Through
10” Hollow Hold (x2)
60m OH Plate Waiter Walk
150m Run
(x15 min)

Bridge Run