SAT: The Guide to Enjoying the Holidays
(Saturday’s workout is posted below.)

Thank you so much to all who showed up last night and made Prom an enormous success and fun time. It was our biggest turnout, and dare I say, most fun and diverse Prom group we’ve had so far.

As we begin to disperse for the holidays starting right around this day, historically, we want to wish you guys safe travels and enjoyment with your friends and families.

Here’s a few tips for consideration as you head home or make it a local holiday season.

-Sleep in.
-Have the dessert.
-Stretch a few times per day.
-Make friends with your couch.
-Catch up with friends over a cocktail.
-Do the absolute bare minimum to keep your progress, or close to it.
-Watch Home Alone daily.

Stay safe and travel well.



PS. Remember, starting this week we go to a revised holiday schedule. Be attentive when you register for class.

Saturday, 12.16.17

First, 20 min or 5 Rounds.
5 Box Jumps
6/s Lunge Matrix
7/s Piston Floor Press
8 Seated Band Rows

Then, For Conditioning.
AMRAP (x15 min)
10 Plate Man Makers
40m Farmer’s Walk
400m Run