SAT: How to Approach Long EMOMs

We love EMOMs and partner workouts because it forces us out of a comfortable level of intensity and into discomfort. For example, if we write a workout for you that is 30 minutes of A, B, C and D, you will work hard, but because you must fulfill 30 minutes of work you will settle into a pace that’s sustainable.

If you always approach your workouts with the same level of intensity, you won’t ever see continued progress or change. We need stimulus.

However, if we write a workout that is 30 minutes of the same movements, only your recovery is prescribed and mandatory, you have an incentive to challenge yourself harder during those movements. While it’s only 12 – 15 minutes of actually work within a 30 minute time frame, it is at an intensity far greater than the repeatability of a regular 30 minute workout.

Your work is less, but it’s at a raised level of intensity. We’ve been trying to stress to you this month the importance of overloading your conditioning, and today is a fine example. Take advantage of the long periods of recovery and use them to push your output.


Saturday, 1.20.18

30′ EMOM
A: 7 Burpees
B: 100m Row
C: 100m Run
D: 8 Wall Balls
E: 2 MB Complex
F: 5/S DB Snatch