SAT: The 1-Arm DB Jerk

We programmed 1-Arm DB Jerks for you guys all November long, and it was great to see the advancements everyone made. Since it’s been a month, and because most of us have short term memories, here are some real advantages of training with dumbbells in a unilateral format.

  • They even out imbalances. Side to side weakness imbalance of greater than 10% is a precursor for injury. When we are imbalanced, we create bilateral compensatory patterns to make up for the weak side. Over time, this can lead to lines of torque on joints that are not received well.
  • Improved kinesthetic awareness. It’s very easy to move a barbell from a skill perspective. It is not easy to move heavy resistance in one side of your body while the other side doesn’t. Doing so leads to a better “feel” for our movement and tuning into our ability to access power.
  • Shoulder stability. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and also the most unstable. Bad combo. Unilateral training will isolate stability and improve ROM.
  • Contra-lateral core work. If I am pressing overhead with my right arm, my left side obliques are working hard to stabilize. Connection across the body activates muscles and stimulates connections that bilateral movements do not.

Those are just a few of our favorite. Coach Kyle has done a nice job including them in this workout, so make sure to get the most out of them.


Saturday, 12.30.18

First, 15 Min EMOM
A:  10 MB Slams
B:  3 Hell Trots
C:  8 Heavy RKB Swings + 5 Push Ups

Then, for 15 Min.
4/s  1-Arm DB Push Jerk
3  Goblet Complex
4 4” Leg Raise Negatives
5 Pull Ups
150m Run/Row (alternating each round)