Sanity-Based Goal Setting 2.0

We are maddening creatures. We want to achieve certain outcomes in life, only, there are habits we all have that we aren’t willing to give up. So what happens to a lot of us is a cycle of trying hard to get the thing, without ever actually getting it, and resenting all the wrong things along the way. All of it typically born out a lack of honesty with ourselves on what constitutes a want versus a need.

Allow me to use myself to highlight this point.

I train relatively hard in the hard in the gym three to four days per week. That’s a need for me. I need to do that in order to stay, well, sane.

However, other needs I have include doing fun things with my wife, a weekend social life with close friends that often includes adult beverages, Pizza Sunday (Isabella’s knows me by name, no big whoop), and other things you’d probably be quite surprised are a regular part of my life. If that sounds strange to call those things a need, I get it. But for me, they are what keep my sanity and my personal expression of balance.

The point is that if I were to have a goal of sub 10% body fat, I would end up having a terrible relationship with fitness, because my lack of discipline towards that goal and my lifestyle of 80% “healthy” and 20% “whatever”, would never allow me to reach it.  Sure, it would be cool to be shredded, but that’s not my need. Happiness, health, friends, relationships, and balance are. You might be the opposite, which is wonderful if that’s where you land.

The bottom line recommendation is that you need to be honest with yourself and what you’re really willing to give up in order to reach it. In the gym, and also in life. Otherwise, you will never be happy.


Monday, 11.23.20


For 35 Minutes:
8 Deadlifts
8 Seated DB Press
8 Hanging Knee Raise
30 Farmers March
200m Run