Released: Coaches Academy Weekend Curriculum

I’m extremely thrilled to announce that we have finalized our curriculum for the weekend and will be presenting it in the following active format.

Our weekend breaks down into three main blocks: Design. Teach. Lead. 

This is what we value as the three most important factors in effective, progressive, long term sustainability in the coaching profession.

SATURDAY: “Design”

Day One will feature content centered around the understanding of program design. Movement benefit, rep schemes, micro vs. macro programming considerations, an understanding of what drives injury and how to oppose it as a coach, and more.

7:30 – Welcome & “Why” of the Weekend.
7:45 – Programming Break Out 
8:00  Lecture: PSC Fundamentals
9:45 – Lecture: “DESIGN” Block A
10:30 – Partner Practical: Conditioning Workout
11:30 – Practical Feedback
11:45 – Lecture: “DESIGN” Block B [CONDITIONING]
12:30 – GRUB
1:30 – Lecture: “DESIGN” Block C [PROGRAM DESIGN]
3:00 – Lecture: “DESIGN” Block D [INJURY]
3:30 – Partner Practical: Workout
4:30 – Practical Feedback
4:45 – Common Modifications
5:30 – Finish

Day One Subtopics:

  • 10 Elements of Movement
  • 10 Skills of Progressive Strength and Conditioning
  • P360 Developmental Continuum
  • Structure vs. Function
  • 5R: The Foundation of Fitness
  • IT vs. ET
  • 6 Variables of Conditioning Manipulation
  • Energy Systems Management
  • 3 Elements of Program Design
  • Annual vs. Monthly vs. Weekly Programming Goals
  • Program Design Fundamentals
  • Traumatic vs. Non-Traumatic Injury
  • WES Principle
  • Considerations for Pregnancy

SUNDAY: “Teach” + “Lead”

Day Two separates practitioner from technician. This day will feature content centered around communicating and connecting. We take our understanding of how to write progressive fitness models, and now we work on applying it.

7:30 – Questions from Previous Day
7:45 – Partner Practical: Workout
8:45 – Practical Feedback
9: Lecture: “TEACH” Block
11 – Partner Practical: Workout
12 – Practical Feedback
12:30 – GRUB
2 – Lecture: “LEAD” Block
3:15 – Partner Practical: Program Avatar Together
4:15 – Practical Feedback
4:30 – Day 1 Programming Re-Visit
5:15 – What’s Next?
5:30 – Finish

Day Two Subtopics:

  • WHY focused: Descriptive vs. Prescriptive
  • 3 Forms of Learning
  • Cognitive Load Considerations
  • Importance of the Prep Phase
  • Effective on the Floor Coaching
  • Know, Like, Trust
  • Attacking Anxiety Points

We have our instructor staff locked in, as well. I will teaching coaching philosophy and program design.

Coach Julianne Russell will be teaching progressions and communication, as well as a roving instructor for movement pattern.

Coach Chris Hill will be a roving instructor, with a focus on anatomy and communication.

Coach Brenna Bulach will be a roving instructor with a focus on powerlifting and weightlifting technique.

You can view the instructor bios, here.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to share what we’ve learned. This is our second go of the Coaches Weekend. Our roster is larger and the information is on point and ready to improve you.

See you in two weeks.