Relationship Between Neck and Hip Position in the Push-Up

by Dave Thomas

The push-up is a movement that most people think they have mastered, when in reality very few athletes actually perform well. There are few keys to the push-up that we want to focus on when performing reps.

  • Start by creating tension in the lower half, but always keeping the feet together.
  • Contract the quadriceps and draw the anterior core muscle in.
  • Keep your fingertips pointed forward, or slightly inward.
  • Establish roughly a 45 degree elbow position off of the body.
  • Lower slowly and ensure all parts of the body arrive at bottom together.
  • NEVER look up. Always keep your gaze straight down at the floor.

Watch this two and a half minute video that will tie together the movement and have you performing better, stronger, healthier reps.

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