Hey, guys.  Hope you all had a nice weekend and had fun with whatever you did.  I can only speak for 50 of you but I know that little group enjoyed themselves on the bus on Saturday.  Don’t worry if you were unable to make it, we’ll surely do it again soon.

We have some really big news regarding referrals, contests and a huge party we’ll throw if we reach the group goal.

As you know we are a small business and the number one way we stay alive is through member referrals.  You guys have really helped us out over the first year and in year two, we are counting on an even bigger push to keep Performance360 clicking the way you’ve all come to know.

‘1 for 1’ Referral Challenge

Here are the details:

  • Our goal is to have every single member refer just one new member by July 4th.
  • If this is done, P360 will throw a massive party, all expenses paid, over the top, best event we’ve ever done over the full course of a weekend. No expense spared, we will THROW DOWN on this one if we hit it.  Rent a house with a pool somewhere, get cotton candy machines, clowns, and throw an all day rager.


We will be keeping a huge tracker in the gym so that it’s visible and we can see where we are at in terms of  goal being reached.  If someone refers more than one person it can count towards someone who might have trouble referring a member.  But at the end of the day, it’s just one person and we all know someone who can/wants to join the group.

Hit us with any questions.

April: P360 Mega Lotto

Okay, so maybe it’s not $641 million but it’s a couple hundred bucks to go to bills, fun or whatever you want to spend it on.  You’ll notice under the whiteboard that the current contest is a referral cash lottery and it’s very simple.

  • You refer a new member and it gets you an entry.  Every referral above that gets you two more entries.
  • We throw $25 into the pot every time a referral joins (and count each towards the 1 for 1 Challenge.

Right now we are already up to $75 and it’s only April 2nd so I’d expect this to get up to a couple hundred bucks when it’s all said and done.  Just one referral gets you into the mix!

P360 Turns 1

In case you have the massive self promotion on the gym wall or Facebook Event, our little operation is turning one on April 18th.  Craziness that a year has gone by that quickly and we are incredibly thankful you guys have allowed that milestone to be reached.

Our one year party will be Saturday, May 19th. Please stop by and feel free to bring any friends you want.  It’s going to be a really fun day and have something for everyone going on.

P360 Olympics

Also happening May 19th will be the 2nd Annual P360 Olympics and sign-ups have been going great!  Don’t miss out on your chance to win cash or even a prize simply for placing in the top-5 of each event.  We have people of all fitness levels competing and don’t be that guy or gal that sits on the sideline!  At the end of the day it will be a fun event to which you can seriously compete or just push yourself individually and accomplish something pretty cool.

Gym Expansion

We are really excited to announce that P360 will be expanding its space into the boat yard out back starting May 1!  We certainly realize that when at capacity we are pretty cramped and the last thing we want to do is force people into a space insufficient to hold it.

We will never compromise the workout.

So, the easy decision was to purchase some space from our neighbors and over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be undergoing minor construction to get it floored, fenced off and equipped for training.

To go along with this expansion we’re purchasing additional equipment that will be here in a few weeks that includes heavier kettlebells, med balls, some sandbags, jump ropes, barbells and other things we need.  Your feedback was appreciated.