Week one done and in the books!  Honestly, it was an awesome week and we have no one but our 38 new members to thank.  We had no idea what to expect out of the people who signed up since we were meeting a lot of people for the very first time and we were completely blown away by the collective work ethic!

We have some advanced Joes and Janes all the way down to first timers who were not self-conscious or intimidated in the least.  It was one of the most fun weeks of training I’ve ever had and we really love the people we have in here right now.    Tons of positivity and support for one another and that’s what P360 is all about.

Well done, gang!

We have some things going on that we want to share.

Referral May

We are making a huge referral push in April and May and we need your help.   If you are a current member and refer a friend to join, we’ll credit you with a free month!  We’ve already had three members earn free months and it’s the easiest free training you’ll ever earn since honestly, it sells itself.

It will also enter you into our contest, where most referrals over the next 30 days wins a pair of Nike Frees or $75 bucks cash.

We have a three-way tie for the lead right now, and it’s only at one so get involved!  All you need to do is bring a friend into one of your workouts, and if they like it, they join – and you get the free month.  Send out emails to friend, post how you feel after a workout on facebook, take some of our referral cards, etc.   We’re more than happy to hook you up for helping us grow!

Daily Challenges

Once AT&T U-Verse pulls its head out of its a$$ and actually gets us hooked up to the world wide web, we’ll be posting the Daily Challenge every morning so you know what’s in store.  It will be up by 8 am at the latest, so if you ever want to know what we’re doing, you can go there.  It will also be on our facebook page.

Featured Recipe

We have this up on our chalkboard right now and it’s getting some solid feedback from those members that have tried it.

Godfather Turkey Meatballs

2 lbs. 90/10 Ground Beef
3 Eggs
½ c Almond Meal
½ c Parmesan Cheese
Diced Fresh Basil & Garlic
Salt, Pepper & Oregano
1 Jar Low-Sugar Marinara

Combine everything in a mixing bowl and roll into meatballs whatever size you like.  Bake ‘em at 450 degrees between 30-50 minutes (depending on size) and enjoy.  Should make enough for a week.

Grand Opening

As a head ups, we are planning a kick ass grand opening in May.  The exact date is TBD, but it’s going to be an all day event and it’s going to be a Saturday.  We’ll have training, workouts, open house, craft beer kegs, food on the house, games, challenges, raffles and the first 60 people will get free tees or tanks.  The day will be topped off with a pub crawl around Mission Beach so come ready to play!

Rewards System

A lot of people have asked about our rewards system since frankly, it’s awesome, so we threw it up on the board in complete detail.  We don’t want to give everything away, so come check it out and see how it works, but essentially you earn prizes and rewards from P360 once you hit certain level of visits.  The rewards start at just 50 visits and go all the way up to free round trip flights!

2-Week Trial

We want to remind everyone out there about our two-week free trial.  It’s no obligation and gives you access to our boot camps, group classes and open gym.  We want everyone who signs up to be completely comfortable with their decision and the best way to ensure that is to allow a two-week test drive.  Click here to take advantage or call 619-800-2774 and we’ll get you going.



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