FRI: It’s Prom Night, Act Accordingly

(Friday’s workout is posted below.)

Alright, boys and girls. The night is finally upon us and it’s time to quit yappin’ and have an excellent time. 150 tickets sold and it looks to be a very diverse representation of membership, which we love to see. Tonight is a night to have fun, make a friend, remember a new name, and dive head first into the Performance360 community. Trust us, we’ve observed you all for nearly seven years and if you’re new, that water’s just fine. Take our word for it.

This night is about celebrating your achievements over the year. We have all worked hard, no doubt. Some have put in more hours than others, but only because we’ve just been at it longer and were fortunate enough to be exposed to fitness sooner. All of us have something in which we can and should be proud of, and tonight, we celebrate that.

So, a group challenge to us all. If you see a new face or name you don’t know, go over and say hello. If you’re at the bar waiting for a cocktail, wait over a new conversation with someone. If you’re talking in a circle of friends, leave an opening.

Thank you for another amazing year. It’s truly unbelievable to think about Performance360 becoming what is today, and we have only you to thank.

Let’s rage. Oh, and remember. No gym talk :)


Friday, 12.15.17

First, for Strength.
With a 16’ running clock.
Work up to a 3R DB Thruster Max
Once there, perform 1 set every 2 minutes.

Then, Complete 3 Rounds for Time.
20 Goblet Forward Lunges (53#/36#)
10 Burpees
400m Run