You’re probably worried that this gym is either too hard or too easy for you. The good news is that neither are possible.

Our inclusive philosophy ensures that each person has a level of difficulty that’s right for them, allowing Olympians to progress along side those holding a barbell for the very first time.

Everyone together. Executing the workout in a format that makes sense for them.

Our group methodology has been sought after by coaches around the country, and is presented to members everyday in the following programs.


Everyday. On the hour. Exact times can be viewed on our schedule.


Progressive Strength & Conditioning (PSC) is no frills, no gimmicks group fitness that’s based on building you up, not tearing you down.

Proven since 2011 to be highly effective and accessible for any level of needFrom 62 pound fat loss to special forces deployment prep, diabetic to weekend warrior, active mom to busy professional, but mostly, the everyday Joe or Jane looking to thoughtfully explore their ability for the very first time. 

The PSC program uses a progressive model that is measured by performance, guided by structure, and scaled to meet you exactly as you are.

Transform into a more capable human being alongside 90% of our membership.

Daily: On the hour, 6a – 8p, 6 days a week

View our schedule for times.


The following specialty programs are included with Performance360 membership and meet at varying times throughout the week.

Performance360 Olympic Weightlifting Classes Pacific Beach


Develop skill in Olympic Weightlifting, led by one of just a handful of credentialed Level 2 USA Weightlifting coaches in the country.

Wednesday: 6p
Thursday: 12p

Performance360 Muscle Class


Grow functional muscle that’s for both “show” and “go.”

Tuesday: 4:30p, 6p
Thursday: 5:30p
Friday: 4:30p

PRIMAL Performance360 San Diego Gym


Fast-paced, athletic workouts performed at high intensity. Hear why members love this class. 

Monday: 6:30p
Tuesday: 7a, 6:30p
Thursday: 6p
Friday: 6a

Performance360 Kettlebell Class


Learn fitness’ most efficient tool, combining classical principles with modern execution.

Wednesday: 5:30p

Performance360 Open Gym and Open Coaching Pacific Beach


With a roving coach there if you want it, come in and do you.

Saturday: 9a – 12p
Sunday: 10a – 12p

12-Week Focused Programs

The following focused programs are an additional cost to membership meant to provide an intended, specific outcome over 12 weeks.

Performance360 Race Prep


Led by a champion triathlete, 2x Boston Marathon qualifier, and P360 coach, Race Prep builds course speed through a hybrid of endurance and strength training protocol. 

Next Program Opens: Jan. 2019
Cost: Membership + $249

Performance360 Nutrition Coaching


Group nutrition coaching meant to harness the power of accountability and community towards common goals. Body analysis, an understanding of basic yet productive nutrition, and reasonable goal setting. (Note: This is not one-on-one coaching and personal meal planning.)

Next Program Opens: Jan. 2019
Cost: Membership + $299