Our purpose is to welcome, encourage, and guide all levels of ability towards positive life change by focusing on physical ability, not calorie counting.

Maybe it’s finally learning to lift weights, getting your first pull-up, running a sub 10 minute mile, or the confidence to finally just show up.

Strength inside the gym will sharpen your life outside of it. You will discover a new level of confidence in your work, relationships, and whatever roadblocks life throws you.

You will Become More.


Everyday. On the hour. Exact times can be viewed on our schedule.

P360 PSC Program

The PSC Program

See what makes our PSC class the most chosen functional fitness in San Diego.

Progressive Strength & Conditioning (PSC) is our no frills, no gimmicks group fitness class that is the heart and soul of Performance360.

Proven since 2011 to be highly effective and accessible for any level of need, but mostly, the everyday man or woman looking to thoughtfully explore their ability for the very first time. 

The PSC program uses 6-week programming BLOCKS that are measured by performance, guided by structure, and scaled to meet you exactly as you are. No “getting in shape first” needed.

Transform into a more capable human being alongside 90% of our membership.

Daily: On the hour, 6a – 8p, 6 days a week.


The following specialty programs are included with Performance360 membership and meet at varying times throughout the week.

Performance360 Muscle Class Pacific Beach


Grow functional muscle that’s for both “show” and “go” using classic barbell lifts + modern accessory movements. 

See why our members love MUSCLE.

Tuesday: 4:30p, 6p
Thursday: 5:30p
Friday: 4:30p

P360 Primal


A 45 minute hybrid of cardio + high intensity weight training. Fast-paced, athletic workouts performed in a circuit format. 

See why our members love PRIMAL.

Monday: 6:30p
Tuesday: 7a, 6:30p
Thursday: 5p

Performance360 Olympic Weightlifting Classes Pacific Beach


Develop skill in Olympic Weightlifting and open up new physical and athletic abilities. For beginners and advanced athletes alike.

See why our members love WEIGHTLIFTING. 

Wednesday: 6p

Performance360 Yoga


Complimentary yoga led my a full time, professional yoga instructor. Free for members, every Sunday morning. 

Sunday: 9a

Performance360 Kettlebell Class


Learn fitness’ most efficient tool, combining classical principles with modern execution.

Wednesday: 5:30p

P360 Open Gym


With a roving coach there if you want it, come in and do you.

Saturday: 9a – 12p
Sunday: 10a – 12p

Focused Programs

The following focused programs are an additional cost to membership meant to provide an intended, specific outcome over 12 weeks.


A hyper focused 11-week block of group nutrition coaching meant to harness the power of accountability and community towards common goals. Weekly in-gym nutrition class, workouts, body analysis, and an understanding of basic yet productive nutrition habits. 

COST: $199
LENGTH: 11 Weeks

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