Programming Prep: “Wild Things”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday: Deadlift
Tuesday: Core Stability
Wednesday: Hang Power Cleans
Thursday: Push-Ups
Friday: Hip Thrust

For a recap of the broad objectives of our PSC cycles, we always recommend brushing up here and here.


Primary Movement: Deadlift
Secondary Focus: DB Floor Press
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Mondays will feature the deadlift as the primary strength movement, always paired with a different version of dumbbell floor press. You will work your way from 8 to 5 reps over the cycle, and will culminate in the opportunity to test a 3 or 1R for those following the performance track.

Primary Focus: Core Stability
Training Type: Hybrid
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Tuesday will focus on developing the core’s ability to stabilize in various isometric and dynamic positions. Workouts will be centered around a hybrid style of conditioning, both a little bit aerobic and anaerobic with densities in the 5-10′ range. Efforts will be high and on the shorter end on these days. Training will culminate into a 5′ max plank test with the option to add weight.

Wednesday STRENGTH
Primary Movement: Hang Power Clean
Secondary Focus: Shoulder Raises
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Wednesday focus will be on building explosive strength and upper body muscle with the hang power clean, always paired with a different version of a shoulder-focused raise. Reps will stay consistent at 5R sets every single week, so that we can train in that sweet spot of where we feel the most effective benefit to exist. Those training on the performance track with have the opportunity to test a 3 or 1R at the end of the cycle.

Primary Movement: Push-Ups
Training Type: Aerobic
Prep Article: How to Do Better Push-Ups

The focus will be on advancing one of the most primal and important forms of upper body strength with various push-ups on bands, rings and other equipment meant to challenge new muscles and build strength in new ways. Training on Thursdays during “Wild Things” will be more aerobic focused in nature, with workouts on the longer end of our spectrum that will challenge overall volume, muscle endurance, and the ability to hold good positioning. Finals Week will feature our benchmark challenge where you will track your personal score.

Friday BUILD
Primary Movement: Hip Thrust
Secondary Focus: Box Jumps
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On Fridays we will be focusing on building a big ole booty and training strength in the posterior chain with barbell hip thrusts, heavy. The secondary focus will be the box jump, training our Type-II athletic muscles to create a glute-focused day from start to finish. You will also see lots of “burn out” curl sets where we will be stimulating growth in the arms. You will have the opportunity to test your box jump during Finals Week.

Primary Movement: Ropes
Training Type: Aerobic

Saturday workouts will have a longer aerobic focused theme throughout “Wild Things” with an emphasis on including varied rope movements throughout. These will be designed to challenge muscle endurance and anaerobic capacity within the overall framework of the workout.


The following will make up our week four benchmark re-tests:

  • MON: 3/1R Deadlift
  • TUES: 5′ Plank Density
  • WED: 3/1 Hang Power Clean
  • THUR: “Bad Hop”
  • FRI: Box Jump Pro Day