Programming Prep: “Slumber Party”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday STRENGTH: Back Squat
Tuesday CONDITIONING: Hybrid – Core Stability
Wednesday STRENGTH: Pull-Ups
Thursday CONDITIONING: Anaerobic – Plyometrics
Friday PHYSIQUE: Single Leg

What’s in the Name?
Our very first facility in Mission Bay, San Diego leaked like hell. Of course, we did not know or realize this prior to moving in, and being in our 20s at the time with no real clue what our legal tenant rights were, we just assumed that water running down the walls when it rained was our fate. No biggie. One time, an overnight downpour was forecasted, and if we allowed it to be left unattended, the gym would have flooded and temporary closure was guaranteed.

When I say water running down the walls I am not exaggerating. Flowing. Cascading. So, our co-founder Bryan decided to suck it up and sleep at the gym. Literally in a sleeping bag on the middle of the floor. Stood watch, mopped up water, made sure the gym could open for my coaching block the next day at 5:30 am. Like nothing even happened, members without a clue what went into keeping the doors open. A cozy little one man slumber party. Our early days were not easy, but they were some of the most fun, grueling days of our professional lives and we treasure them.”


Primary Movement:
Back Squat
Secondary Focus:
DB Floor Press
Prep Article:
How and Why to Improve Your Back Squat

Mondays will feature the back squat as the primary strength movement, always paired with a different version of dumbbell floor press. The MAIN workout will start at the 8R back squat in week one and work its way down to the 5R in week four, with the PERFORMANCE track working from 4R down to 1R.

Primary Focus:
Core Stability
Training Type:
Prep Article
: Core Training That Actually Matters

Tuesday will focus on developing the core’s ability to stabilize in various isometric and dynamic positions. Workouts will be centered around a hybrid style of conditioning, both a little bit aerobic and anaerobic with densities in the 5-10′ range. Efforts will be high and on the shorter end on these days.

Wednesday STRENGTH
Primary Movement:
Secondary Focus:
Bulgarian Split Squats
Prep Article:
3 Tips to Do More Pull-Ups

Wednesday focus will be on developing upper body relative strength in the pull-up. Most of you will focus on decreasing your level of assistance with the band over the course of the four weeks, and some of you who are more proficient will have the option to train weighted pull-ups and test your 1R max during week four. We will have a different Bulgarian split squat version each day, as well.

Primary Movement:
Training Type:
Prep Article:
The Benefits of Plyometrics

The focus will be on a variety of explosive and ballistic movements such as jumps, throws, and slams. Formats will be very high intensity to focus on anaerobic output, and build muscle, develop work capacity, and improve our high end conditioning.

Friday BUILD
Primary Movement:
Single Leg Barbell Lifts
Secondary Focus:
Prep Article:
The Benefits of Single Leg Training

On Fridays we will be focusing on barbell lunges and step ups with the emphasis on building muscle in the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. We will also feature a different push-up variation each week in order to develop upper body muscle.

Primary Movement:
Training Type:
Prep Article: The Benefits of Landmine Training

Saturday workouts will have a longer aerobic focused theme throughout the cycle with an emphasis on including varied landmine movements, designed to build the musculature at loading angles and positions that no other implement can achieve.


The following will make up our week four benchmark re-tests:

  • MON: 1R or 3R Back Squat
  • TUES: 5′ Get Up Density
  • WED: 1R Weighted Pull-Up
  • THUR: “2 Seamer”
  • FRI: Push-Up Pro Day