Programming Prep: “Shake & Bake”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday: Olympic Complex
Tuesday: Chin-Ups
Wednesday: Back Squats
Thursday: Explosive Strength
Friday: Single Leg

For a recap of the broad objectives of our PSC cycles, we always recommend brushing up here and here.


Monday STRENGTH: Olympic Complexes
Prep Article: Why We Love the Partial Olympic Lifts

The focus will be developing explosive strength and with P360 versions of Olympic complexes. Focusing around our preferred partial Olympic lifts, you’ll see a lot of hang power clean and power clean combinations with the push jerk. The result will be an athletically trained upper and lower body in combination.

Tuesday SKILL: Chin-Ups
Prep Article: P360 4 Classifications of Strength

The focus will be on relative strength, and with the chin-up instead of the pull-up we will get a little bit more work on the arms.

Wednesday STRENGTH: Back Squat
Prep Article: The Benefits of the Back Squat

The focus will be on developing total body strength and muscle, primarily in our legs – and absolute strength for those who follow the performance track.

Thursday SKILL: Explosive Strength
Prep Article: P360 4 Classifications of Strength

We’ll be featuring lots of plyometric and ballistic movements across multiple planes and workout formats in order to use power based movements as both of form of getting stronger, and conditioning.

Friday BUILD: Single Leg
Prep Article: The “Why” of Single Leg Training

On Fridays we will alternate between lunge and step up variations to focus on building muscles in the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.


  • MON: 1R P360 Complex
  • TUE: Chin-Up Pro Day
  • WED: 3R Back Squat
  • THUR: Max Explosive Push-Ups
  • FRI: Benchmark Workout (8′ Hell Trots)