Programming Prep: “Fast Times”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday: Kettlebell Strength 
Tuesday: Rope Conditioning
Wednesday: Dumbbell Strength
Thursday: Time Under Tension
Friday: Bench Press

For a recap of the broad objectives of our PSC cycles, we always recommend brushing up here and here.


The main theme of “Fast Times” is a barbell de-load on our Monday and Wednesday STRENGTH days. For a full description of all the ways a de-load is beneficial to your training, go here. Otherwise, you can digest it in bullet points.

  • Stress Management: Keeping us in a state of eustress
  • Central Nervous System Reset
  • Joint Preservation
  • Fight Mental Fatigue

Skeptical new members typically see a de-load and think they are going to go backwards while the savvier members know that progress awaits them now, and especially after the next four weeks.


Monday STRENGTH: Kettlebells
Prep Article: Why Kettlebells Are a Non-Negotiable

Using kettlebells in a low rep, heavier load strength setting to achieve the following:

  • Build explosive strength
  • Enhance grip strength
  • Improve lat function
  • Build big and strong glutes
  • Improve core stability

We’ll see some swing clusters, complexes and overall total body strength demands all month long. Emphasis will be on lower body squatting and hinging motions.

Thursday SKILL: Ropes Conditioning

Workouts will center around varied conditioning movements with the ropes, to focus on building anaerobic capacity and overall work capacity.

Wednesday STRENGTH: Dumbbell Strength
Prep Article: Where the Dumbbell is Way Better Than the Barbell (We Said It)

The dumbbell is excellent at providing more range of motion which improves our ability to be strong and add muscle. It also is much easier on our joints because they can more freely through the less restrictive dumbbells. Similar to Kettlebell Mondays, we’ll have lots of strength opportunities typically in the form of upper body pressing.

Thursday SKILL: Time Under Tension
Prep Article: Build More Muscle with Time Under Tension

Focused time under tension is one of the most effective tools that we have when building functional muscle. These workouts will be based around high volume sets, longer working periods, and shorter recovery.

Friday BUILD: Bench Press
Prep Article: Why The Bench Press is Absolutely Functional

Among many reasons to bench, here are our top three.

  • Upper body muscle
  • Targeted secondary muscles
  • Grip strength


  • Monday – 5′ Swing Tonnage
  • Tuesday – 5′ Max Burpees
  • Wednesday – “Fast Times” Benchmark
  • Thursday – Row Club
  • Friday – Bench Press Pro Day