Programming Prep: “Dark Matter”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday (STRENGTH): Back Squat
Tuesday (SKILL): Pull-Ups
Wednesday (STRENGTH): Power Cleans
Thursday (SKILL): Landmines
Friday (BUILD): Barbell Step Ups


Monday (STRENGTH): Back Squats
Prep Article: How and Why It Pays to Improve Your Back Squat

We will be focused on building muscle and strength with one of the most beneficial movements in fitness, alternating between higher and lower rep days each week.

Performance Focus:
There will be a focus on tempo back squats to develop strength via position control and time under tension.

Tuesday (SKILL): Pull-Ups
Prep Article: How to Do More Pull-Ups

Pull-up strength and technique will be the primary Tuesday focus. In this version, there will be a focus on high volume to build strength endurance and grip strength, as well as position under fatigue.

Performance Focus:
Super low rep, weighted pull-ups to increase motor recruitment and peak strength output.

Wednesday (STRENGTH): Power Cleans
Prep Article: Training Explosive Strength with the Olympic Lifts

Note, these are not the same movement as hang power cleans so all cycle long we will be taking the clean from the floor. We’ll be training it across all levels, developing athletic skill and explosive strength gradually decreasing our rep counts and increasing our load week over week until week four.

Performance Focus:
Opportunity to train either the power clean or the clean (which is a full squat upon catching the barbell).

Thursday (SKILL): Landmines
Prep Article: The Benefits of Landmine Training

Thursday will featured varied workouts generally focused on creating time under tension with the landmine as the primary tool. The goal on these days will be to challenge not only our primary movers like our glutes, hamstrings, quads and lats, but many secondary stabilizing muscles that often don’t get trained on regular barbell movements. Lots of stability and well rounded joint health on these days to go along with what should be highly challenging workouts.

Friday (BUILD): BB Step Ups
Prep Article: Movements We Love – The Step Up

Our Friday BUILD muscle focused day is all about training the glutes, hamstrings, and quads using single leg training. Expect some varied formats with a focus on back-racked barbell step ups so we can can take advantage of not only unilateral training, but also training that features an incline.


We’ll feature the following benchmark workout opportunities during “Dark Matter.”

  • MON: 2R or 5R Back Squat
  • TUES: Prison Yard Club + “Frantic”
  • WED: 3R or 1R Power Clean
  • THUR: 1R Max KB Strict Press
  • FRI: “Dark Matter” Conditioning Benchmark