Programming Prep: “Blind Spot”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday: Deadlifts
Tuesday: Plyometrics
Wednesday: Bench Press
Thursday: Unilateral 
Friday: Back Squats

For a recap of the broad objectives of our PSC cycles, we always recommend brushing up here and here.


Monday STRENGTH: Deadlifts
Prep Article: The Benefits of The Almighty Deadlift

Whereas in “Dark Matter” on Mondays we used the more push associated back squat, this cycle we switch to the more pull associated deadlift. Leveraging a total body movement to build muscle in the posterior chain and also the upper body.

Performance Focus:
2-4R training during the cycle with the opportunity to work up a 1R max at the conclusion of the cycle.

Tuesday SKILL: Plyometrics
Prep Article: Building Explosive Strength with Plyometrics

Incorporating various jumping and ballistic movements as the theme of the day to focus on building explosive strength. Using our own bodyweight and gravity as load, challenge our connective tissues and build a more athletic, resilient body.

Wednesday STRENGTH: Bench Press
Prep Article: 4 Reasons the Bench Press is Absolutely Functional

Building upper body strength and muscle using one of the most effective and time tested upper push pattern movements we have in our arsenal. Additionally, secondary benefits of training the smaller stabilizing muscles and grip strength.

Performance Focus:
2-4R with the opportunity to find a new 1R max at the conclusion of the cycle.

Thursday SKILL: Unilateral
Prep Article: The Importance of Unilateral Training

A heavy emphasis on single leg and single arm movements so that we can develop balance and even out strength imbalances that naturally exists between your dominant and non-dominant sides. Better movement healthy and training longevity, and stronger lifts across the board.

Friday BUILD: Back Squat
Prep Article: How the Back Squat Gets You Jacked

Coming off of “Dark Matter” where we used the back squat as mostly a strength tool, this cycle we move it from Monday STRENGTH to Friday BUILD and focus exclusively on using it as a muscle building tool. Higher rep counts in higher volume work sets.


We’ll feature the following benchmark workout opportunities during “Dark Matter.”

  • Monday – 1R or 3R Deadlift
  • Tuesday – Max Height Kneeling Jump
  • Wednesday – 3R Bench Press
  • Thursday – “Blind Spot” Benchmark Challenge
  • Friday – Back Squat Pro Day