Programming Prep: “Bad Habit”

For the next four weeks, our PSC programming cycle will emphasize the following:

Monday: Front Squat 
Tuesday: Rowing
Wednesday: Push Jerk
Thursday: Aerobic Capacity
Friday: Deadlift

For a recap of the broad objectives of our PSC cycles, we always recommend brushing up here and here.


Monday STRENGTH: Front Squat
Prep Article: The Benefits of a Front Squat

In comparison to the back squat, the front squat will provide the following benefits:

  • Anterior focused
  • More stress on the core
  • More work on the quads
  • Train the lats in a more lengthened position

In addition, the front squat is also a friendlier movement from a biomechanics perspective so it’s a great option for those with mobility concerns.

Tuesday SKILL: Rowing

Rowing serves as the foundation for our monostructural cardio work. It is an elite form of fitness for reasons that are exclusive and stand alone.

  • Total Body – Lower and upper body both responsible for high muscular output.
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic – Can be tweaked for longer work bouts or shorter bursts to elicit different benefits.
  • Energy Expenditure – The energy expended on the erg is massive, which yields adaptation.

We will be spending more time on technique in class and every class will feature a focused rowing segment of some kind.

Wednesday STRENGTH: Push Jerk
Prep Article: Training Explosive Strength With the (Partial) Olympic Lifts

One of our four strength classifications, explosive strength is an important category to train as it’s all about fast muscle contractions. On Wednesday’s, we will have options that focus a little bit more on muscular development (push press) and a little bit more on explosive, athletic lifting (push jerk).

Thursday SKILL: Aerobic Capacity
Prep Article: The Benefits of Improved aerobic Capacity

Whereas in “Fast Times”, we trained a bit more of the anaerobic system, shorter more burst interval efforts, in “Bad Habit”, we flip the script and will now focus on the aerobic system – longer, more sustained workouts. Think about the two like a car.

  • Anaerobic – Mustang
  • Aerobic – Prius

The aerobic system is the foundation for cardiovascular health and has many benefits that include fat oxidation, lung capacity, and overall wellness.

Friday BUILD: Deadlift
Prep Article: The Benefits of the Almighty Deadlift

On Fridays we will build muscle with alternating conventional and sumo deadlift variations, bringing balance to Monday’s more anterior focused front squat. The result will be a well rounded development of muscle and strength across the full lower body.


  • Monday – 2R Front Squat
  • Tuesday – Row Club
  • Wednesday – 1R Push Jerk
  • Thursday – Benchmark Workout
  • Friday – Flight Club