**Enrollment Closed** 6-Week Nutrition & Wellness Revival | P360 Members

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Initial Meeting/BodyScan: Sunday 3/31/19
Start Date: Monday 4/1/19
End Date:
Sunday 5/12/19

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The 6-Week Nutrition & Wellness Revival for Current P360 Members includes:

  • 6-Week Nutrition Workbook
  • Weekly Body Scans with our InBody machine
  • Thursday Night Q&A Sessions
  • Online Private Group for Help & Accountability
What is it?
It is a 6-week focus on building proper nutrition and lifestyle habits. It is self executed with weekly support meetings offered Thursday night at Crown Point, 6 pm.Students will receive their own custom workbook that contains weekly assignments that ultimately guide you towards a healthier life, with more favorable body composition, and improved performance.What it isn’t
This is not an overnight results program.

This is NOT a cut. This is NOT a restrictive-based diet approach.

This is not a focus on slashing as much weight as possible in six weeks and about putting you into an extreme caloric deficit.

If anything, many of you may discover the magic of eating more.

What results can you expect?
You can expect to leave the six weeks with a sustainable, results oriented nutrition approach. You will be more in tune with what you put into your body and how you recover, as well as changes you need to make in order to reach any physique goals you may have.

The majority of your body composition will occur weeks 8 – 12, after you establish your habits and foundation.

Who is it for?
This 6-week Revival is for all who struggle with a nutritional starting point and constantly wander back and forth between different plans.

It is for anyone who feels like they are always in the circle of dieting without seeing results.

It is for anyone who is frustrated with their body composition despite working hard in the gym.

It is for anyone who simply needs a re-focus.

Who is it not for?
This program is not a match for those with custom dietary needs, nor is it suitable for folks who feel like they need a one-on-one coach.

It also not a good fit for folks who expect a transformation in six weeks.

What will we provide?
All participants will receive a 6-week workbook upon enrollment that clearly outlines your weekly goals.

We will help you establish your caloric baseline, understand how to accurately track your intake, and guide you towards successful habits through weekly assignments.

During the six weeks, you will have access to weekly Sunday or Thursday body scans, and standing Thursday 6pm support meetings where we will answer your questions, help guide you, and provide you the needed accountability to stay on track.

What will we not provide?
Meal plans, one-on-one coaching or consultations, custom diet requests, cooking class.

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