Hey, everyone.  As you can see, we have a new set-up for the blog as you’ll now be able to access all of the usual blog posts right here on the website.  They’ll be quick hitters featuring workouts, nutrition tips, updates, contests and everything you can think of and will essentially act as a virtual extension of our facility.

First and foremost, some of you do not know my partner.  Bryan Pritz comes aboard P360 as co-owner and will be hands-on with everything we’ll be doing.  As a former member of the Boston Red Sox and marketing major, he brings a lot to the table and I couldn’t think of a better person to open P360 alongside.

As you know we signed our lease last Thursday and things are moving QUICK.  The spot is being demolished right now with fresh drywall being put in, brand new electrical outlets and new flooring.  We will have the place handed over to us this weekend and from there it will be five or six  14-16 hour days filled with labor, set-up, installation and painting all with the goal of having it ready to go for you guys on April 19th!




A lot has happened over the last 96 hours.  Our first order of business was to ensure we completely decked the place out with first class, American-made equipment so we contacted our friends at Rogue Fitness and went TO TOWN.

$15,000 later we have a slew of kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper and iron plates, his and her barbells, slammers, plyo boxes, infinity rigs, benches, sleds, conditioning ropes as well as a handful of other items not limited to rowers, treadmills, bands, cones, etc. all driving across the country as I type.

We also ordered a particularly fun little guy called a Bulgarian Bag that we are very excited to implement in some of our advanced clients.  This is going to be the next big thing in fitness and compete very seriously with the kettlebell in my opinion, and P360 will be among the first in the area to have them.

Our next post will be all about our limited pre-launch membership prices that drop the end of this week!  They are going to be a crazy good deal and we expect to sell out in 48 hours, so I highly recommend checking back here once those hit the table!

In the meantime, I invited you to browse around our website and let us know what you think.

Thanks and drop us some comments with any questions or ideas you’d like to see included at the new spot.

Very Proud Owner,

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