Hey, everyone.  Today represents the first morning where Pritz and I have been able to pop our heads above water and take a breath.  We’ve essentially logged 90 hours over the last six days getting the place set up, and I can confidently say after seeing the layout, paint job and overall vibe when you’re in the building that this facility is going to rock.

I also want to use this post to announce what we feel is an awesome incentive for everyone.  As we’ve been recruiting members over the last few weeks, we’ve run into a ton of “I want to join but already belong to xx gym!” (that has a number in it, not 23 or 25).  So Pritz and I called a quick board meeting and decided on our Bad Gym Bailout plan.

It’s easy and right to the point.  We’ll pay the remaining balance on your membership and whatever fees you owe to cancel your current membership to upgrade to P360.  You’ll receive it in the form of monthly credits, so say you owe your gym $200 to cancel – we’ll credit you with x months that equal that amount.  There really is such thing as a free lunch with this plan, so now there really is no excuse!


We don’t have current pictures of the finished product but I’ve included some below to give you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.

A look into some of the workouts…

Yash working the conditioning rope

Alex jumping onto the 18″ plyo box

Overhead Lunges with 15 and 10 lb. med balls

A glimpse into the final fabrication and set-up…

This is the whiteboard reserved solely for the Open Gym.  This is where you can come in whenever you want and do your own thing.  We’ll have guided workouts specific for certain goals in this area.  Say for example you want to come in one night do a toning and fat loss workout.  We’ll have a suggested one on the board so that you don’t have to guess.  We’ll also have these workouts for goals like strength, muscle growth, core target and also feature the owner’s workout that shows what Pritz and I are doing that day.

This is a glimpse into what some of the chalkboard walls are going to look like.  This is our “Eat” section where we’ll break down food science such as appropriate carb intake (shown here), meal plans, recipes, recommended and approved foods and other items.

Pritz bolting down our 14 foot infinity rig into the ground.  This is going to be an AWESOME piece of equipment offering our workouts over 50 different types of exercises.  We had some clients trying it out last night and the early feedback is extremely positive.

This is the view that our cardio “section” offers for when people want to cruise in a use the treadmills and rowers.  And think, this is taken on a bad day in San Diego.

We had to manually lay 62 sheets of flooring, 3/4″ thick and weighing 100 pounds a pop.  This was a freaking brutal day to say the least.

Our mascot sitting on the heating system, Larry Bird.  He got himself stuck in our facility for three solid days before figuring out which part of the doors/windows not to fly face first into.

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming opening on the 19th and are feeling extremely confident you guys are going to love what we have to offer.  As a reminder, we are offering just six more days of the pre launch membership of $59 and I promise you it will be going up at that time, so please take advantage.  Don’t forget our Bad Gym Bailout program, don’t forget the refer a friend bonus and “don’t forget to bring a towel”.

See you soon.


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