Episode 1: Getting the Most out of a Workout

In our first episode of the Performance360 Podcast, we go through the traditional 2-tier workout format and discuss how to get the most benefit out of the workout no matter if your goal is strength, fat loss, endurance or all of the above.


  1. Tier 0: What is tier 0? Listen to find out and learn why it’s actually one of the most important parts of the workout.
  2. Why strength? Why it helps all goals even if your desire is to not be the baddest, strongest.
  3. Why you need strength for fat loss or in ain’t happenin’.
  4. The scientific benefits of the 5×5 and why it’s our bread and butter.
  5. Proper pacing. Why going to fast or too slow can destroy #gainz.
  6. Why we track weights and times. It’s not just to hear ourselves ask you guys things.
  7. Why it’s important to stay away from the 1-3 rep range until you are ready.
  8. The benefits of getting uncomfortable as it relates to progress.
  9. How you can tell if you’re doing it wrong…..hint: jumping jacks.

We want to grow this around our members, so holler at Coach Julianne, Dave or Pritz around the gym when you see us, or shoot Dave or Pritz an email with any topics you’d like us to discuss on our next Performance360 Podcast.