Performance360 is PB’s premier strength and conditioning facility, three times being selected as a finalist for Best Gym in San Diego. We have two locations in the Pacific Beach area and a current membership of 575 members.

We are a class based gym with an emphasis on strength, conditioning and athleticism. We also utilize body building movements, conditioning ropes and a variety of other tools aside from just barbells.

We’re looking for a guy or gal who is an all-around stud. Should go without saying you should be very passionate about coaching and a good communicator. You absolutely should be both experienced and strong in power and Olympic lifting, but also with kettlebells and other athletic skills. You should be able to do a perfect pushup and pull-up. Prior certifications are always preferred, but are not required.

Ideally, you’re the type of person who reads blogs, books and listens to fitness podcasts. And if you’re a weirdo who watches YouTube videos on lifting for education, well, even better. You should be strong. You should be athletic. You should look the part. You should enjoy learning.

You should know the difference between a hinge and a squat and have perfect mechanics in both. You should know how to do a Turkish get-up. You should be okay with doing bench and curls. You should be genuinely pumped when people in your class succeed, you should be the type of person who loves getting questions in class and can speak confidently about movement to a group of 20. You should be the type that’s tired and sweaty after your classes. You should coach, not stand.

You should expect to be an active participant in our culture and community. You should get why we don’t kip. You should be the type of person who can be a role model. You should not struggle with punctuality. Ideally, you have a history of athletic competition. CrossFit backgrounds are acceptable, but you can’t be bound to that, as we are not a box and there are some fundamental differences we’d review with you.

We started in a tiny boathouse and no one took us seriously but our members. We like underdogs.

Above all, you need to absolutely love coaching and teaching. If fitness is just a job for you, you will likely not be a good fit. You should be excited to join something meaningful, a growing gym that is not the status quo.

You need to be able to coach at 6 am, 6-9am, 11/12, 4-8pm and have Saturday availability 1-2x per month.

Bonus points if you are a current member of Performance360.

*Classes: Anywhere from 8-16 per week. You need to be able to coach at 6 am, 6-9am, 11/12, 4-8pm and have Saturday availability 1-2x per month.
*Pay: Above industry norms.
*Profit Sharing Plan: All staff eligible for profit sharing plan from day one.

Please contact With your email, please tell us a little about yourself so that we can get to know you in your email. What stands out about you and why you’d make a good fit for Performance360.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in your search.