Happy Sunday, guys.  Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend and got plenty fat from delicious food.  Now it’s time to get back to business and the task at hand.  Just because winter is upon us and the sun goes down a little earlier doesn’t mean we neglect our goals now does it?

It’s been a while since we put together a newsletter but we have a few things going on which we want to keep you apprised.

Battle of the Sexes: SATURDAY!

We’re very excited about our end of Fall competition this upcoming weekend and hoping for as many participants as possible.  As we mentioned, we want to try and put together challenges and fun spirited competitions for those who want to fulfill their competitive juices and Battle of the Sexes is just that.

It’s going to be a fun Saturday and some great gym bonding so we hope to see you sign up on the whiteboard in the gym.  The workout is scaled for all levels so don’t be intimidated.  We’ll have the full spectrum of fitness levels participating and like anything else we do, it’s all about self improvement and taking pride in embracing challenge.

  • When: Saturday, 12/1
  • Time: 8 am – 11 am
  • Where: Performance360
  • Events: 2 Total.  First is a 15 minute Max Rounds circuit.  Second is a 5 minute Max Reps circuit.  Think Daily Challenge style workout on Challenge Days.


Details can be found here as well as on the whiteboard at P360.

Feel free to come watch if you are not participating!

Exciting New Year’s Offer

We’re going to be announcing a huge holiday offer that’s available to everyone, both current members and referrals.  We can’t say JUST yet but stay tuned for details as we are working on finalizing the logistics but we’re confident you guys are going to really dig it.

This was an area which we polled a lot of feedback and once again, made a pretty large decision based on your input.

Stay tuned…


We’re not very good at sales.  In fact, we suck at it.  Partially because we hate being sold by salesman, and partially because it’s just not in our personalities so we’d like to ask for your help in spreading the word about 360Nutrition.

As I am sure you have either personally experienced or seen around the gym during the October 30-Day Challenge, the meal plan and guidelines we created in 360Nutrition works extremely well.  While it is currently free for our members, we’d like to try and make a buck or two off our hard work for non-members so any help you can provide in suggesting to your friends, posting on social media or just plain spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

2013 Goal Setting

It’s always important to set goals and focus until you reach them.  It gives you purpose and keeps you on the straight and narrow to peak physical condition and the life balance we are all seeking

As you know we are fanatical about setting goals and trying to reach new milestones.  Complacency is the enemy of progress (write that down). When you get complacent, you get bored.  When you get bored, you lose motivation and when you lose motivation well, you become fatter and weaker and no one wants that.

If you start thinking about what you want out of 2013 on January 1st, you’re starting too late.  You want to have a plan in place so you can hit the ground running and attack your goals with full force and confidence in your plan, not wandering aimlessly with no approach just hoping it falls into your lap.

We’re always available to consult on best approach to reach a certain goal.  That’s our job and our livelihood so consider our days open for your 2013 planning.

Accomplishments & Clubs

You might have noticed, but we have just a liiiiiitle bit of writing all over the white wall as you walk into the gym.  We painted the regular white paint with white erase board coating so that we can expand upon our recognitions, accomplishments and shout outs.   We’ll be moving the records and current clubs from the back corner of the gym to those whiteboards because we believe folks who work hard and obtain goals should be put on display.

Among those clubs will be:

  • Barbell Club – (400#/200#  MEN & 225#/115# Women) – Barbell requirements have gone up for women!
  • Lean & Mean Club  –  (15 pound fat loss)
  • Air Jordon Club – (50″ Box Jump / 36″)
  • **NEW** Thousand Pound Club – 1,000 pounds of total weight for squat, deadlift and press (600 pounds – Women)
  • **NEW** Club Maximus – We are modifying the accomplishments to recognize the following:


Men – 400# deadlift, 300# squat, 200# press/jerk, 200# hang clean, 55″ box jump, 20+ Rounds of Dirty30.

Women – 250# deadlift, 175# squat, 125# press/jerk, 125# hang clean, 40″ box jump, 20+ Rounds of Dirty30 (with more than half of full push-ups).

Is this advanced?  You bet.  It’s meant to recognize hard work and the elite of the elite.

  • **NEW** Club Forged – This is a new one that’s coming soon.  In short, it recognizes those folks who have achieved a high level of strength, athleticism and/or fat loss for themselves, as well as an above and beyond commitment to goal.   The requirements will be immense and considered the highest achievement at P360.  Club Forged will be recognized on the new website once we have it built.


In addition to the weekly accomplishments we will always recognize on both the wall and our Facebook page.

Speaking of new website!

We’re Building A New Website!

Please keep any and all suggestions coming of what you would like included.  Web design is a tricky animal so we can’t promise we’ll include it but we can promise we’ll research and consider all suggestions.  Please continue to drop all suggestions on our Facebook page.

Goals Board

Have you noticed we’re encouraging you to focus on um, goals?  We are going to clear out a space on the whiteboard that will be the official Accountability Board.  We want you guys to share your goals with us and it’s a fun away to keep you motivated and hold yourself accountable.  Simply write down your goal and the date you hope to accomplish it.  Sure, you can alway adjust it backwards but study after study shows that when you put something in writing, you tend to make it happen.

Examples include:

  • “I want to deadlift 200 pounds by February 1!”
  • “Lose 10 pounds by January 15th”
  • “Make the 24″ box jump”
  • “Deadlift twice my body weight by the Spring”
  • “Do a single full push-up”
  • “Perform an unassisted strict pull-up”


You get the idea so let’s see ’em!

Social Media

Make sure to follow us on the following social media platforms to stay updated on pictures, recipes, promotions, updates and everything else P360.

We’ll also be running contests exclusive to each of those sites over the next few months.


Instagram – @Performance360

Twitter – @Performance360

YouTube – we’ll be posting more video blogs, instructionals and how-to’s, tips, etc.

That’s a wrap, guys.  Let’s have a great week.