P360 Weightlifting at the USAW Fortius Halloween Open

This past weekend we had six athletes from gym compete at the USAW Fortius Halloween Open. Coach Julianne led our team not only as a performer, but also as the coach. Nearly everyone was competing for the very first time and it was wonderful to see so many faces from the gym heading out to show their support.

  • Julianne Russell – Bronze, 63kg (competitive division in which 1st and 2nd C&J over 200#).
  • Ryan Carlye – 4th Place, 69 kg
  • Bri Cherry – 184# Clean & Jerk
  • Steve Bonnano – 181# Snatch, 247# Clean & Jerk (@~169 BW)
  • Yuri Gorokhov – 196# Snatch, 7th Place (very competitive 85kg division)
  • Taylor Stead – 102# Snatch

Here are some of the highlights.

P360 Peanut Gallery

Julianne Russell, 3rd Place 63kg Division
This was a particularly inspiring lift. J missed her first two attempts putting her into a now-or-never third attempt. If she missed, she would have been eliminated from competition.

Julianne’s 180# Clean & Jerk

Ryan Carlyle, 4th Place 69kg Division

Yuri Gorokhov 196# Snatch

Bri Cherry 184# Clean & Jerk

Steve Bonnano 247# Clean & Jerk

Taylor Stead