By Kristi Miller

Kristi Miller has been a member of Performance360 for almost two years.  Since joining, she has lost 21 pounds, regained her health and set PRs in every lift.

I’ve always loved lifting and I’ve never had a problem gaining muscle. I’ve worked out religiously as far back as I can remember. I had been doing CrossFit for about a year and I found myself getting really strong, however I couldn’t seem to shed that extra layer of fat covering my muscle. Ya’ know, that “little extra fluff”, the stuff that once you hit 30 you pretty much give up the right to call it baby fat (sigh).

​I loved my current gym, but my body was simply unreceptive to the constant heavy lifts and Rx-driven​ programming. I felt like I was putting my body through the ringer while not seeing the level of results I wanted.

I decided it was time for a change. I knew some members of this “new gym down in Mission Beach” who raved about it, and I had started reading Dave’s blog.  His philosophy on programming, nutrition, goals, lifestyle, etc. really resonated with me. After trying P360 out for a week, I knew I’d found my “tribe”.  I went all-in and joined full-time.

I quickly found the rumors to be true. The programming at P360 was unlike any other and the training philosophy and all the coaches who embraced it created an environment that encouraged and nurtured individual goals. I gradually made a major mindset shift and became focused on two things.

The first, body re-composition.

The second, across-the-board performance gains.

Training Adjustments

I stopped obsessing over the scale. I had to put the little meathead devil on my shoulder (aka my ego) in check and decided to stop trying to hit a 1 rep max every time I performed a certain lift.

I started training smarter. I put the majority of my attention on movements that required more overall athleticism (not just brute strength) like pull-ups, burpees, box jumps and broad jumps. I focused on the movements that melt fat (like ​rowing) and I focused very closely on my form and coaching.

​I’ve been training at P360 for almost two years now and body composition transformation I’ve seen so far from when I started training here has been pretty cool.

However, I am also very competitive and absolutely did not want to lose my strength gains I had worked so hard to achieve before joining. But instead of worrying about comparing myself to what other people were doing, I became focused on competing against my own personal bests.

My strength PR’s continue to steadily increase and what’s even cooler to me are the improvements I’ve made on movements that define more a well-rounded athlete. Prior to joining, I had only ever performed kipping pull-ups, which murdered my shoulders. Dave fixed that right away, made me take a step back, get back to the basics and develop them properly. I can now do 8 strict pull-ups, along with better jumps, faster runs and faster rows.

I came to P360 with a multitude of injuries, ​that thanks to the coaches I was able to train around the injuries while rehabbing, and​ are now almost all behind me. The focus on form, and paying attention to individual capabilities has made an enormous difference.

By focusing in these personal areas, I have set the following performance PRs for myself in the last year.

  • Strict Pull-Ups: Zero to 8
  • Deadlift: 230​# to 255#
  • Jerk: 105​# to 140#
  • Front Squat: 135# to 170#

What I see in the mirror has transformed, as well.


Left (152 lbs), Right (131 lbs)

In total, I’ve lost 21 pounds since I joined P360.

The first step to finding the results you want is to find your own unique schedule and what works for you.  For my training splits, I typically come to P360 three to five times per week. No excuses.  I have found the “3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off” schedule has been best for me in preventing me from over doing it while keeping my performance trending upward.

I will usually follow the strength programming a few days per week and the fat loss programming on the other days.  I don’t really obsess over my numbers anymore, I just focus on getting a little bit better each day and really listen to how my body is feeling on that particular day.  Deadlifts are a movement I still push myself pretty hard on, while everything else I tend to focus on the reps the majority of the time. I have found that the planned, less frequent strength days has been much better on my body and lifts.

My mentality at the gym is “attack your weaknesses”. I try to really get-after-it on the parts of the workouts I hate the most, that’s how they become your strengths.  Make every rep count, no cutting corners.  Repetition makes master.

I do yoga twice a week to increase my mobility, and keep all of my old injuries away, and I’m learning to really embrace rest days (and actually sit still for a little while) to let my body recover and improve.

Nutrition Adjustments

The old adage, “the kitchen is where abs are made” is completely true! I am not a nutritionist but when it comes to diet I firmly believe there’s no universal, “one-size-fits-all nutrition plan.” I’m not afraid to tweak and refine my diet to figure out my optimal nutrition that allows me to trim down body fat and have an abundance of energy to bring to my workouts.

I try to think of my body as a machine and give it the right fuel. For me that’s proven to be a rather strict Paleo diet.  Meat, fish, lots of veggies, and nuts. I eliminated processed foods, gluten and grains from diet; and I drastically cut down my sugar intake (including fruit). When I drink, I stick to vodka sodas. Eating square meals has also shown to work better for me then grazing all day. I never count calories, ever. I just focus on eating clean.

Frankly, I don’t have the willpower to eat just one cookie. If I open the bag of Oreo’s, I’m eating the bag of Oreo’s.

What’s effective for me is to be very disciplined and strict on what I eat on a daily basis, and then have a real doozie of a Rewards Day every couple of weeks (formerly known as cheat day). I will eat Froyo just about until I puke, destroy a pan of brownies, inhale some french fries, drink a Moscow mule (or 4), you get the idea. Life’s short, you gotta enjoy the ride!

Finally, what I’ve discovered is the real secret to body re-composition and performance gains is that there ain’t no shortcuts for sustainable results. Just as anything in​ life, lofty goals take discipline, drive, consistency, patience and hard work.

A mediocre level of commitment yields mediocre results.

We are all privileged at P360 to have extremely talented and knowledgeable trainers who genuinely want to help us become the best versions of ourselves. We get to be surrounded by a community of such inspiring people every day at the gym and in my mind, there’s absolutely no better place to start really getting after your performance and physique goals than “that gym down in Mission Beach.”

If, like me, you have found yourself stuck in the “little-extra-fluff” zone, I hope some of these tweaks may help you see some pretty cool transformations! I know you can do it!

Kristi Miller is a member of Performance360 in Mission Beach, San Diego.