P360 Training: Origin Story

Back in 2011, we loved functional fitness but didn’t like how it lacked the physique element needed for longevity.

We loved strength training but found it to be limiting when trained in traditional isolation.

We loved conditioning but not being exclusive to short “fly and die” workouts or long, steady state aerobic work only.

What was out there just wasn’t acceptable. So, we followed nothing and created the P360 methodology.


Our triad of physical fitness.Nowhere else will you do a heavy powerlifting day followed by a plyometric bodyweight interval day. Nowhere else will you do Turkish get ups and bicep curls in the same workout. Nowhere else will you follow four weeks cycles assigned a specific purpose for every single day.

When we say there is absolutely nothing like Performance360™️, it’s not just canned jargon.

It’s a measured fact.