The theme of today’s newsletter are upcoming events, new products and all around exciting times for members at P360. In putting together the outline for this newsletter I got extremely excited and realized that by the end of this summer, we’ll be offering you guys just about anything you could want for fitness, nutrition and play time.

Here goes…



We are REALLY excited about bringing this service to you guys.  Like we said when we opened and like it’s written on our Bill of Rights, if enough of you guys want to see something in place at P360 we’ll ultimately provide it for you.

This yoga is going to be outdoors directly on the water and will be a fantastic compliment to your current training for those interested, but we need some quick feedback.

1) What kind of yoga do you want?  More of a “fitness” experience or more of a “stretching, relaxing” experience?  Do you want the body sculpting that has more movement or do you prefer it to be more focused on flexibility?  Or, do you want both?

2) What time do you want it?  We are leaning towards having it one day per week and having an early morning and a late evening session. (ie 6:30 am on 7  pm every Thursday)

You will have two permanent options to choose from:

  • Either you can add an Unlimited Yoga to your membership for just $19/month (this will go up to $30 but offering a reduced rate for our members)
  • Or, you can pay $10 drop-ins.


We are going to start off by consolidating it into one day and grow it as more and more people show interest.  The more you guys demand it, the more we’ll ultimately have it.

WE NEED FEEDBACK to make this right for you guys so either drop us feedback by commenting on this blog, posting it on facebook or emailing me directly at

Stand-Up Paddle

Went out on the water yesterday to test out SUP incorporation into our workouts and we loved it.  Tried a lot of exercises, sprints and talked through some different formats and it’s going to be awesome.  We don’t yet know full details or logistics, but it’s coming and we’ll have SUP workouts for you guys by August in some fashion.  This is going to be great balance and core training for our athletes, and we’re also going to roll out a recurring class for our members either on the weeknight, Saturday morning or both.  We’re REALLY excited about having this one for you guys and think you’re really going to love it.

Del Mar Mud Run

Right now we have 10 members who have tentatively given a ‘yes’ for the Del Mar Mud Run on October 15th.  While it’s a few months away it’s very important you sign-up now so you can reserve the early bird price (currently $50, I believe) and popular time slot we’ve reserved for our team: 11 am.

Also, this is not meant to be a physically exhausting event.  It is only a 5k and I am entirely positive that every member of the gym can crush this thing.  We’re treating this as a work hard, play hard event where we’ll show up, give a good go at the obstacle course and then thoroughly enjoy ourselves in the beer gardens afterwards.

Here is the current list:

  • Dave
  • Pritz
  • Rob Foresta
  • Kristen Petersen
  • Laura Stomber
  • Dee Nipper
  • Lee Alcorn
  • Missy Hodle
  • Catherine Malone
  • Robbie Davis


To ultimately sign up we’ll email you the link with specific instructions, or you can give us the green light to sign you up ourselves using your stored payment info.

Who else wants in?

Member Shout Outs

It is getting really hard to keep up with everyone these days and that is a great thing!  People are making some really impressive changes for themselves whether it be fat loss, strength gains or a combination of the two.

Here’s the latest crop of stand-outs.

New Referral Contest: Party Bus

We are rolling out a pretty fun and aggressive referral contest that’s going to run for the next 45 days up until the end of August.  Here’s how it’s going to to work.

  • If you refer 1 person it gets you a seat on a party bus for September ‘End of Summer’ Blowout.
  • If you refer more than 1 person you get a seat on the bus and $10 cash per referral.
  • And as always, you get a free month of training if you refer a friend*


Yes, we bought a 40-person party bus for this thing.  Frivilous?  Probably.  Awesome?  Definitely.  It’s all in the name of fun so let’s get those referrals going and then all celebrate with a huge party at the end of summer to thank you guys for spreading the word!

*if the referral signs up for unlimited at full price.

Wounded Warrior BBQ: July 23rd

We’ve settled on a date for the Wounded Warrior Fundraiser BBQ and we’re really looking forward to what we’re hoping is a fun, charitable day.  We’ll kick start things around 12 pm here at the gym and roll out the usual players: we’ll fire up the BBQ, play some cornhole and put some chairs on the lawn to relax.  Here are the details:

  • We’ll provide the bulk of the food: burgers, dogs, BBQ grilled chicken, sausages, etc.
  • You’ll provide the beer: bring a 6 or 12-pack of your choice to share with the group.  You are also encouraged to make a healthy side to share with the group if you want.  Get creative with it and we’ll add them to our recipes list.
  • Donations will be optional yet encouraged. We’ll throw out a donation jar and if you feel so inclined you can throw some cash in there and we’ll donate all of the funds to Wounded Warrior Project.

July 23rd, 12 pm.  We’ll see you there!

June Lottery Winner: Heather Dentz

Heather wins the lottery for our monthly $30 Trader Joe’s Gift Card!  Remembers, to gain entry all you need to do are the following.

  • win a weekly trivia question (+2 entries)
  • Get on the ‘shout out’ board in any fashion (+3 entries)
  • Refer a new member (+4 entries)


Let us know what questions, feedback or comments you guys have and we’ll see you this week!