Happy Tuesday, gang.   I am assuming that everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend since the weather was completely perfect.  It was certainly a nice three day weekend but now it’s time to get back to work and back in the gym!  We have a lot to cover once again so let’s get to it.

Wounded Warrior BBQ

The kickoff BBQ for our charity The Wounded Warrior Project is being postponed.  We decided that this weekend is probably not the best time to do it since everyone will be fresh off of a hectic July 4th and we want to give people time to make plans.   We want it to be a success first and foremost and decided that pushing it back another weekend or two is probably the smart thing to do.

It’s going to be towards the end of July and we’ll keep you posted so you can make arrangements to come, should you feel so inclined.  Still going to be potluck and still encouraged to donate, but the only thing changing will be the date.  Let us know if you have any questions about it beforehand.

Please Help Us Grow

You guys have been absolutely awesome with referring your friends and co-workers so far and we really appreciate it.  Being a small business start-up it’s imperative that we grow our business through word-of-mouth, great service and customer referrals so please do all you can to continue those referrals.  Here are some quick and easy ways that you can help get the word out.

  • Facebook posts tagging Performance360 (ie, ‘had a great workout at Performance360 tonight’, ‘lost xx lbs. at Performance360 so far!’, etc., etc.)
  • For those of you on FourSquare, please continue to check-in.
  • Standard emails to your friends letting them know about us and how they can try us for 2 weeks free.
  • Inviting your girlfriends/buddies to our social events.


We are very aggressive and generous with our referral contests and policies and we hope everyone will continue to take advantage.

Speaking of – Amy Turner is the big winner for the June Contest!!  Amy gets a FREE PONTOON BOAT RENTAL from our neighbors at Mission Bay Sportcenter Rentals to be used at her discretion.  Amy, let’s chat next time you are in for class and get you set-up.

July’s contest officially starts today and while we don’t yet know what the prize will be, we know it will be big.

Member Shout Outs!

Wow, we had an awesome week of accomplishments at the gym.  Honestly, the transformations that people have made over the last nine weeks have been nothing short of incredible.

Both Pritz and I have been amazed at the changes some people are making and rest assured, we are noticing the progress that each and every one of you are making individually.  We see when people increase their weight, range of motion, aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  But most importantly, we notice when people just work really hard with no motive but to get great results for themselves.

Here’s the latest to really impress.

We see you, ladies!  That’s now three female members who have ripped off a clean, full-range pull-up!

I really want to call out Jason Weber.  We posted a video of him on facebook last week but it’s worth noting again.  A lot of complete idiots who fancy themselves fitness experts will knock circuit training because they think it creates weaklings.  I even know of certain  gyms that restrict their workouts to under 15 minutes because they think anything longer will strip strength.

I literally enjoy laughing directly in these people’s faces.  Morons…

Web has lost almost 20 pounds of fat since starting here on opening day and all that’s happened in the meantime is his strength going through the roof.

He is not the only one.

Carol is deadlifting 150 pounds and have lost 20 pounds of fat.

Brandon’s deadlift has increased to 345 pounds x 5 while losing over 10 pounds.

Dee is down almost 25 pounds and able to deadlift 135 pounds for reps.

Tim is up to 225 lbs. x 4 and down 12 pounds of fat.

Who’s gonna’ make it to the Shout Out list next week?!

Class Time

As a reminder, please continue to make your best efforts to arrive to class on time.  The past few weeks, we have been slacking and it was to the point where the majority of members were late for class week.  With the new schedule and 45-minute class length, it makes it challenging to keep the class times on time if people are constantly arriving a few minutes late.  Please get here on time or even a couple minutes beforehand so we can keep the schedule.  We understand that every now and then the occasional tardiness occurs coming from work, but let’s not make it habit.

Good Eats: Honey Goat Cheese Ribeye

Um, yes.  That’s right, I said “honey goat cheese.”  This is one that we put our heads together and came up with based on a) Pritz having this cheese in the fridge and b) me stealing it.

  • 1 8 oz. Ribeye
  • 1 pack Trader Joe’s Chevre with Honey Goat Cheese
  • 4 oz. Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon Irish Creme Butter

Look, I have no clue what ‘chevre’ is, I just know this stuff tastes amazing and has macro profiles acceptable for P360 diet.  There is nothing fancy or hard to cook about this.  Steak in one pan, greens and tomatoes in the other and cook both until they are to your temperature liking.  Once your steak is 75% finished, apply a tablespoon of the goat cheese on top, cover and let it melt for two minutes or so.

It will be the best steak you’ve ever had.

What’s the Deal With: Quinoa

Many people have seen Quinoa on the board and asked us what exactly it is (as well as how the hell you pronounce it, which it’s keen-wah).  Here are the vitals.

  • Ancient South American dietary staple that originated in Peru.
  • It’s often considered a grain, but is actually a seed and not part of the grain family making it a bit more acceptable to eat if you require more carbohydrates or looking for that carb craving post-workout.
  • It’s a great replacement for brown rice as it is VERY high in protein and all of the eight essential amino acids.

While it is certainly high in carbohydrates (~50g per serving), it is considered not as taxing on our intestines and digestive system.   It is recommended that you rinse quinoa seeds before eating them as that will remove a lot of it’s irritation-causing defense saponins.

I consider quinoa a bit better than grains because it does not contain gluten and is higher in protein, but you should pay attention to the way your body handles it and always consume in a timely manner (post-workout) and in moderation (one serving).


How long was the longest recorded case of hiccups?  Andrea O’Donnell is the winner and almost got it exactly correct.  Her guess was 70 years and the correct answer is 69 years.  Me?  I would have ended things a lot sooner than that if I had the hiccups for 70 freaking years.  WOW.  Props to that man or woman who gutted through that one!

Anyways, Andrea gets two entries into the gift card lottery which will be drawn this week!

As always, let us know what questions, comments and feedback you guys have.


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