Good morning, everyone!  I don’t know about you but I am freaking excited about summertime!  This past weekend was warm, sunny and a reminder of what makes living in San Diego better than anywhere else.

Us > everyone else in the country.

We’re dubbing this the July 4th edition of Insider since we will be closed on Monday and since this weekend is really when the 4th will be celebrated for the most part.  Hope everyone has something fun planned, from what I have heard the weather is supposed to be oustanding.

Let’s get down to business.

July 4th Hours & Party

Our hours are going to be a bit different for July 4th weekend since a lot of people will be out of town, out celebrating, etc.

Hours will be completely normal every weekday this week, but starting Saturday we’re going to be closed through Monday in observance of the 4th.  If there is an overwhelming request for us to run a Saturday boot camp, we’ll definitely do it but it seems a lot of our members are gone.

Monday’s closing is certain but we’ll give you guys through the end of this week to see if you want to open up for Saturday.  If we get five people, we’ll open doors for a few hours.

Enjoy the 4th, or Chuck’s gonna find ya’

Wounded Warrior Project

We’re really excited to announce the Wounded Warrior Project as the charity we’ve decided to raise funds for at P360.  It’s a great cause that most people know about and we’re proud to be able to represent them.

We’re going to kick start efforts with a little Potluck BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, July 9th from 12 – 2 pm.  We’ll fire up the grill, crack a few cold ones and share dishes that people are encouraged to make (you don’t have to).  P360 will provide some meat to burn, some veggies to grill and some beers but everyone’s encouraged to make their favorite dish (healthy or not) and a 6-pack of their favorite beer to share with the group.

When: Saturday, July 9th, 12 pm – 2 pm
For: Wounded Warrior Project
What to Bring: 6-pack & side dish
Cost: Free, Donations to WWP encouraged

Hope to see you guys on the 9th!

July Referral Contest

The competition for a FREE 4-Hour Pontoon Boat Rental is drawing to a close and we’ve got a super tight race!  Here are the current standings.

Amy Turner – 2
Tyler Chernack – 1
Jacquelyn Molino – 1
Jason Weber – 1

We get the members, you get your own private boat party for you and friends.  I don’t know about you, but that’s got ‘win-win’ written all over it.

Member Shout Outs

The following members get two entries to the Gift Card Lotto for exemplifying awesomeness last week!

Way to go, Danny, Flora and Cat!

Danny deserves a little bit of extra, extra recognition as he has been locked in with his diet and he has already dropped three waist sizes in just a shade over three weeks!

Just goes to show you what Performance360 workouts plus following the Golden Habits will do.  Add him next to Dee Nipper (down 18 pounds) and Carol Parma (down 15 pounds) and the proof is in the pudding.

Good Eats: Chocolate Berry Fuel

Check out the Food Science board anytime this week to snag this awesome recipe, and  for those of you wondering what you should do post-workout I highly recommend the following.

1c frozen bluberries
1 banana
1 TBSP all-natural, sugar-free almond butter
1-2 scoops chocolate whey protein
handful of ice cubes
3 oz. ice water

Blend together and enjoy!  It’s delicious and excellent source of quickly absorbed carbohydrates and protein. This is okay to drink for breakfast if you need something on the go, just watch eliminate the banana from the mix.

What’s the Deal With: Fruit Juice

This is another one to make sure you check out on the Food Science board, as we blew a lot of minds with last week’s post that illustrated the downright unhealthiness of commercialized fruit juice.  Essentially, our gripe with fruit juice is as follows.

  • An average glass of fruit juice is going to have anywhere from 40-60g of sugar!
  • For reference, that is more than soda.
  • Fruit juice contains no valuable fiber that whole fruit contains, so it’s essentially liquified fructose that hits our bloodstream quickly, spikes insulin and promotes fat storage.


The bottom line is that fruit juice should just about wholeheartedly be avoided and your liquids and drinks should be zero calorie or close to it.  Water is your friend.  Embrace her.

Why We Do: 30 Minute Workouts

The ‘Why We Do’ section of the Training Board is something that we really like.  We updated it just about every day with education and the reasoning behind why we do certain things.  Sometimes we’ll delve into the science, other times we’ll provide the quick summary but every update will give you insight into why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Today’s is ’30 Minute Workouts’, and here’s why we do ’em.

  • We get rid of the sedentary and useless exercises.  Total efficiency with each rep and not wasting a single muscle movement.
  • We do compound exercises only.  A compound exercise is one that works two or more joints.  When you work multiple joints, you work multiple muscles.  When you work multiple muscles, then you really start forcing your body to expend energy (aka burn calories) and strengthen itself.
  • It prevents overtraining syndrome.
  • You have a life!

I’ve never seen someone need to sit down after tricep kickbacks.

Back to the compound exercises for a moment.  Let’s take a squat for example that works your hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominals and glutes (among others).  Compare that to a quad extension on a machine that works only your quadriceps.  Which one do you think is going to change your body, improve your performance and strengthen your stamina?

Sure, we could do quad extensions, hamstring curls and a crunch in about fifteen minutes.  Or, we could do five rounds of grueling squats and work the aforementioned muscles twice as hard in half the time and also get a punishing cardiovascular and neuromuscular workout, as well.

Trivia Question: Monopoly Money

‘How much money comes in a standard Monopoly board game set?’  The answer:  $15,140.  Nick Cadiente was closest with his guess of $20,000, just narrowly beating out Heather Dentz’s guess of $10,000.

2 entries into the Gift Card Lotto for Nick!  Check the board when you come in for an updated question.

Let us know what questions, feedback, comments or suggestions you guys have.


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