Hope everybody had an excellent weekend and enjoyed watching Dirk and the Mavs get their first title as much as I did.  You can consider me firmly entrenched in the haters corner for the Miami Heat so yesterday made me happy.  Good dudes like Dirk and Jason Terry deserve to win titles and I was happy to see a hard worker like him finally bring one home.

We’ve got a fair amount of thing to cover this week so let’s get to it.

Please Keep Voting!

Thank you guys very much for baring with us and continuing to vote for P360 as San Diego’s Best Alternative Exercise Studio.  We are still shocked that you guys got us to the final balloting, and now that we are here we want to win the damn thing!  So please help us by voting each day (you can click the banner at the top of the page) and if we win we’ll throw a huge free BBQ to celebrate!

Referral Contest: FREE Boat Rental

We settled on the Grand Prize for June’s referral contest: Free 4-Hour Boat Rental from our neighbors, the Mission Bay Sportcenter.  It’s an awesome way to spend a Summer Saturday – take a few friends out, bring some cold ones and some tunes and make an afternoon out of it (feel free to invite me and Pritz, too).  We are off to a red hot start with the referrals as you can see below, four already!

New Class Times Start

You have probably already noticed that the class times for Tuesday and Thursday are different for this week.  As a reminder, we are trying out our new class schedule those days in anticipation of rolling them out full time as membership continues to expand.  The class times are only slightly different on those days, but we feel it will continue to provide you guys with good times and allow us to space the times out over the course of the evening.  Continue to drop us your feedback.

Member Shout Outs!

This week was a big week for three folks.  While it might seem like that kind of jump in pull-ups is not that big of a deal, it’s huge in actuality.  To be able to either pull you own bodyweight up once or consistently rep your own bodyweight is a tremendous improvement in strength.  Seeing Carol execute a full pull-up was awesome to see and hopefully a real inspiration to those ladies who are working towards doing one!


Carol right before getting that chin past the bar!!

We also just found out today that Carol has lost 15 pounds, as well!  Way to kick some ass, Carol!

New Athletes

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of Taylor Johnson and Mackie Caldwell to our athlete base. Mackie trained with us last year prior to starting his freshmen season for the USD Torero soccer team, and Taylor comes to P360 from SDSU’s Women’s Track & Field team.  Taylor is an Arkansas transfer who was formerly an SEC All-Freshmen and both are looking for very big things in 2011.  We’ll be updating their progress as their seasons get started, but we know there are some Torero and Aztec alums in the house so show both some support over the coming months if you see them around P360.

What’s the Deal With: Post-Workout

We have some bullet points about post-workout nutrition on the Food Science board this week.  Basically, in the most condensed nutshell as possible, after you train hard your body generally is need of restoring glycogen (glycogen is the primary fuel source for most P360 workouts).  So, when you consume complex carbohydrates or fruit, your body is going to take the majority of those carbs and put it to refilling the glycogen tank rather than fat storage.  Always pay attention to your goal and where you need to be for total daily carbohydrate intake, but if there is a time to eat pure carbs it’s immediately after class.

Good Eats: Southwest Breakfast Bites

Saw this incredible recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple and absolutely love it.  It solves the ‘what do I eat for breakfast’ question once and for all for those looking for a high protein, quick prep time combination.

12 Eggs (do not fear egg whites)
1 lb. ground turkey sausage
1 bag spinach
1 diced onion
1 cup aged Parmesan cheese

Sautee the sausage, onions and spinach in a pan until the sausage is cooked about 75% of the way.  In a large mixing bowl, whisk the 12 eggs and combined all of the ingredients and stir.  In a butter coated baking dish, add the contents of the bowl evenly so that it forms a casserole.  Bake for 25 minutes at 400 degrees and you have breakfast for the entire week.

Drop us a comment with any questions or feedback and we’ll see you guys soon.



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