Hey, guys.  First off, thank you very much for making last weekend such a success.  We really appreciate everyone coming out and showing the love for the gym.  In case you missed the Olympics results we have them up in the gym, and a big congratulations to everyone who competed.  Even those who didn’t technically win anything, everyone PRd in something and accomplished what we were really after.

Self improvement and confidence.

If you were not able to make it then we’ll catch you at the next one.

In this newsletter we have updates on our newest hire, class times, Memorial Day hours and the winner of last month’s Referral Cash Lottery.

Elyse Joins P360’s Training Team

Pritz and I have long needed help at the gym and as I am sure you have gathered over our past few newsletters, we have been grooming our newest trainer for the past several weeks and our proud to announce Elyse Paulson as the newest member of the P360 coaching team!

We are very excited about this for a few reasons, first and foremost the kind of person Elyse is and what she brings to the table with her energy and attitude.  She is nothing but positive and always encouraging towards everyone she has trained with.

While we all know Elyse’s physical accomplishments in the gym, what really qualifies her to lead others are the following.

  • She is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM.
  • She has worked at D1 Sports Training, famous for their NFL Combine prep and for training pro athletes like Tim Tebow.
  • She studied exercise science classes as an undergrad, minored in Nutrition and understands mechanics of the human body (Dean’s List)
  • She is also a former Division-I track and field athlete so she understands team environment and the relationship between hard work and results.
  • Just as important as the first three, she fits in with what we consider to be the personality of the gym.


Please be sure to congratulate Elyse on her new role at the gym next time you see her!  She’ll still be working out with other classes and will begin coaching morning classes a few days per week starting June 1st.

We are very happy to have the unique and fortunate opportunity of keeping the staff expansion in the family.

New Classes

You may have noticed that new classes hit the schedule this week.

  • 7:00 am Boot Camp – Tues & Thurs
  • 9:00 am Daily Challenge – Tues & Thurs
  • 4:45 pm Daily Challenge – Mon & Fri (this is currently listed as 4:30 but will be updated to reflect 4:45 this week)


As always with new classes, these are currently tests and not a guaranteed permanent fixture on the schedule.  They stay enough people attend them and come off if they don’t.  Pretty simple.

Memorial Day

We will be closed Monday, May 28th for the holiday.  Regular hours over this upcoming weekend.

$300 Cash Lotto

The winner of last month’s referral cash lottery is a Mrs. Kylee Newman.  She and husband Andrew Newman combined for three entries to the drawing and came out winners.

We are now fully into the swing of things for the ‘1 for 1’ Challenge so please keep the help coming and we’ll continue to return the favor for your efforts.

Let us know what questions, concerns or comments you guys have.

-Dave& Pritz


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